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Thread: Post pics of your slammed b14

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2008-11-28 17:32:28
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
^^ You need to learn to use photo shop a little better cause that looks so unlikely.

I was going to say the same thing. You beat me too it though.
2008-11-28 19:31:27
I'm sorry, buddy, but that looks just downright retarded-dumb... No Nissan should ever be disgraced with a look like that. That is old school Hon-duh retard stuff. Nissans should be dropped cleanly, not "hood."
2008-11-29 02:23:41
here is one of my car on 17's with agx ,koni bump stops and H&R springs

on 17< nippon racing TE37 copy

here is Grham, Myself and Hwayne

im currently on some 15 Rota Bronze GT3 no pics yet tho
2008-11-29 14:01:08
Man that was the hotness there man.
2008-11-29 23:51:14
yea we were owned by that pole that day the sun was not giving up
2008-11-30 00:09:17
2008-11-30 00:20:39
Originally Posted by magoo_lc1
I like that you gave him a choice Shawn....lol. Are you mellowing a bit?

I am still attempting to master tact, civility, and reasonably cordial behavior.

Key word "attempting."

Originally Posted by natethebrown
Probably because he is finally getting his classic fixed...He is no longer "classically frustrated." (my lame attempt at a joke)

Wifey is out of town. I am still classically frustrated.

The Classic does put a smile on my face. Thanks for reminding me about it, I just grinned again. Can't go see it till Monday, shops are closed.

However, I *think* I am more...uh...friendly, in a general sense, than I used to be. So, I realize you guys are joking, but I actually (think I) am moving at glacial speeds towards semi-civilized behavior.

I just want the new-guy to make an informed decision to buy a real performance suspension, or make an informed decision to buy a stupid, slammed, sh*tty-riding, ricerific, suspension. An educated choice.
2008-11-30 18:24:37
how do you guys call these cars slammed? theyre FAR from being slammed! don't bother trying to slam a nissan its not worth it your just gonna have more problems if you want to slam something move to vw's
2008-12-01 20:37:13
Originally Posted by Amazing
Hmmm here's a nice pic of mine "DROPT"

What size tires you running on those 17's?
2008-12-01 22:12:45
Originally Posted by JTstyle
What size tires you running on those 17's?

Yeah 17x7. Came with the car. I guess you could get them from any Les Schwab, not that you would want to.
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