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Thread: Blue Lake Datsun/nissan show

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2012-08-13 05:41:30
I cant keep em straight anymore man LOL

I really wanted one of the emergency kits, but i never win one lol, just one one because of the altima se-r on the box and such a cool lil tool. I cant use the cool glass cleaner i won because of my window tint lol.

We made 400 more off the raffle this year than last year and food. But less people registered cars, so next year may need to raise food by 1 buck if people keep registering cars less, been noticing about 5 less registered cars a year. If we have one bad year on making money, then we can only do one more show, since we have no sponsors we fund ourselves, and buy our own door prizes, food and everything. Sucks that datsun parts are getting harder to find, but if sr20 community makes more of a showing, i can get my dad to start buying some sr related parts/door prizes like badges and stuff for the raffle to really get you guys intersted.
2012-08-13 06:55:09
I had a blast. Thanks for putting it on. I'm glad that everything coincided with my trip. I got to meet a bunch of great new people and see some killer cars.

Honestly I was shocked that I got a prize for my car lol. I registered more for support of the show than to win anything. Winning wasn't even a thought that had crossed my mind. I've never done a car show.

I was heading out and heard you yell my name and was like wtf? Did I forget something? And then saw you running toward me yellin that I won second hahaha. Took me by surprise. Wish I would have stuck around a few minutes longer. Lang and I could have taken a couple pics together. And I could have properly accepted my award.

But I had a great time and will have to make it back down there next year. Thank you for having me and thank all of you guys for the invite and time well spent.
2012-08-13 06:58:11

2012-08-13 15:29:30
I feel so bad that I missed this .....
2012-08-13 15:37:10
2012-08-13 21:44:37
Originally Posted by danfiveten
Surprised @boomstickracing (alan) left you anything to drink he sucks everything down like a hooker on her knees :-p
2012-08-13 22:10:25
2012-08-17 04:48:00
Was a great meet. I'm glad I made it out if only for a few hours. Was great to meet you guys, Hopefully I can make it next year and drive one of my sr's down!
2012-08-24 17:28:29
Sorry I missed this!
2013-07-23 03:50:40
@danfiveten your slackin on the 2013 blue lake thread... when is it?
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