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Thread: SR20VE Pistons from CP Pistons ***Available Soon***

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2008-09-01 00:49:31
did we get the valve thing figured out? espically for a normal ve block/vehead
2008-09-01 21:35:44
Originally Posted by Andreas
It can't be that low.

The diffrence from a GTIR and a DET-DE with the same stock DET piston is 8.3 to 1 GTIR and 8.5 to 1 DET-DE. ( GTIR and DET motors share the same turbo piston the head making the diffrence in compression, GTIR head with slightly larger CC chamber )

You put a VE head on a DET or GTIR block you will get 9.3 to 1 compression. ( GTIR piston and DET piston being the same and since the VE head colume is constant the compression will be the same )

So, if you have a VE with 9 to 1 compression and you put on a GTIR head the diffrence should go down to 7.9-8 to 1 compression.

I did not use a calculator I just use some common sense. Maybe I am wrong, but the numbers add up.

That means I have the wrong number for the GTiR head, should be about 48cc, and the CR with about 0.5mm off the block would be about 8.6:1
Sorry for the wrong number before. It is a large excel spreadsheet to run what if's, and it gets easy to make mistakes.

2008-09-02 06:14:02
Thanks for working that out. That seems like a good compression ratio to run to me. Id be happy with anything between 8 and 9 really so 8.6 would be good.

Just waiting for the pistons to come available now.
2008-09-04 15:15:16
OK! The pistons are finally available in the following profiles:

86.0mm x 9.0:1
86.5mm x 9.0:1
87.0mm x 9.0:1
89.5mm x 9.0:1
90.0mm x 9.0:1
90.0mm x 9.0:1 using Mazworx CNC Combustion Chamber

86.0mm x 12.5:1
86.5mm x 12.5:1
87.0mm x 12.5:1
89.5mm x 12.5:1
90.0mm x 12.5:1

The turbo pistons will come with a new redesign dish for improved combustion and the valve reliefs will accomdate 35.15mm intake valves and 31.15mm exhaust valve and they will be 2mm deeper than factory.

2008-09-04 15:21:07
Sweet! What's the cost range?
2008-09-05 01:48:35
So is it just the low comp pistons that have deeper valve reliefs, or high comp also?
2008-09-05 02:27:52
i dont see them on cp's site. whats the part numbers?
2008-09-05 08:29:55
I think they are on the site now.
2008-09-05 09:25:08
It's available on Maz's site: SR20VE CP Pistons

2008-09-05 13:04:54
CP is working on their new catalog now and should be released by the end of the year. There will be a certain VE powered car on the front cover . All the pistons will have the deeper/wider valve reliefs.

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