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Thread: Xcessive manifold install help!!

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2015-08-10 22:01:27
Xcessive manifold install help!!
Need some advice!! I installed an xcessive intake manifold on my sr20ve using my stock runners. I made a bracket for my iacv and used a T fitting, one to my booster, one to my iacv and one back to the manifold. I checked for spark and fuel and they were good but my car won't start. Any help would be appreciated it is an ve swapped into a b13 only other modds are N1 cams,I,h,e,fpr, and nismotronic chipped ecu
2015-08-10 23:13:20
Did it run before the manifold install with nismotronic? Does it start if you give it gas?
2015-08-11 02:12:27
You need an air supply to the IACV from before the throttle body (but after the AFM)

Tee'ing it to the brake booster means the engine is getting no air if throttle is closed.
2015-08-11 05:14:28
Okay thanks I'll try it in the morning and yes it ran fine
2015-08-12 12:09:04
Brake booster should have its own dedicated hose with no t's. Iacv has air supply from just before TB, and then returns to intake plenum.
2015-08-12 16:29:03
OK I tried blocking off the iacv but no luck then I blocked off the booster but still no luck. I also T'd the hoses from the fpr as well if that matters, 1 to fpr, 1 to fuel dampner, and 1 back to the manifold. The two grounds that were on the stock manifold, I grounded to the head. Any thing on the runners I left the same. I'm thinking of putting my stock back on to make sure everything works and I don't have another issue. While I have it off I'm making a plate to weld on to the manifold so I can just bolt the iacv straight to the plenum like how they did on the xcessive web site
Last edited by youngve on 2015-08-12 at 16-31-11.
2015-08-12 16:57:43
if you block off the iacv you will need to adjust your throttle cable so the throttle plate is cracked open so air can enter the motor when at idle.
2015-08-12 19:19:39
Anything else I might be over looking?
Last edited by youngve on 2015-08-12 at 19-22-05.
2015-08-12 19:21:00
Yes I did that by adjusting my throttle cable back to crack open the tb a bit
2015-08-13 01:55:21
Did you check if you put a fuel lines the way they were
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