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Thread: EBay tri y header

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2015-01-14 05:33:20
Install mine yesterday and had the same issue but its not hard to fix. The side to the oil pan is very close but not touching but the cross member to the front touching a lil bit
2015-02-24 01:33:46
Originally Posted by zeneffect
4pk775 was a winner! So ve + gspec crank pulley = 775mm length fits and gets the alternator way out of the way

there is a trick to getting it on and it requires 2 people. 1 can be whoever, even a child so long as they they diff between right and left.

to get this belt on... you need a 12mm and a 17mm. loosen up the tensioner and the tesnioner lock that goes on the bracket up top. loosen the 17mm pivot bolt/nut so the alternator can rotate down.

set the adjustment all the way down to the bottom. from here it looks like the belt wont fit. take the top of the tensioner bracket off, there are 2x 12mm bolts holding it on. this allows it to rotate down more and is the most convenient location to do this on. you could remove the tensioner lock/bolt thing that bolts up to the alternator but imagine getting your hand in there while pushing up on the alternator to put it back together. scrape city and tons of frustration.

now get the belt on and lift up the alternator with your hands. have the 2nd person put the 2 tensioner bracket bolts back in while lifting. doesn't have to be tight, just started correctly. once you get this far, the rest is self explanatory. tighten everything back up, and you are done. you can do this by yourself, but its going to be frustrating, 2 people makes it easy.

this puts the alternator at the very bottom of the adjustment range, you can always run a slightly larger belt but 800mm you run into issues. so anything between 775mm and 790mm should work and may be easier to install.

if you dont know how to look for belt sizes, 4pk is 4 rib and 6pk is 6 rib the last 3 digits are how long it is in mm. at my local auto parts store (autozone, right down the street) 4 rib belts are far more common. i found a 4pk780, 4pk785, and 4pk790 there after looking for something that may fit better. just type it into the search to look for availability before attempting the header install. i think any belt 1-2cm smaller would be just fine ac or not. its all in the adjustment of the alternator.

Virtual dyno when the air temps warm up to what I tested yesterday and yes i know i need to trim the intake piping on the TB side slightly to make it fit flust rather than flexing the coupler as its doing now. i could just move it more towards the left but then i would have a sharper angle than what i have in mind.

pretty beasty looking ga16de isnt it? maybe i can make 110whp now

oh and thats an ext20l agm battery. weighs 20lbs less than stock, ive had zero issues so far in the last month.

so to summarize what you need to do to get the header to fit

1. Mod the flange so it can bolt up to the cat
2. Run a shorter belt to move the alternator down
4pk775 or 6pk775 on a gspec crank pulley with no ac. may be harder to put on with a 6pk775 though i didnt test.
you dont need to mod the + terminal on it if you run a shorter belt. this was my attempt at making it work without the belt, please ignore it. i will be returning it back to stock when i get around to it.
3. bend the dipstick tube slightly i think. i dont remember if i bent it previously to fit the old ssac header.

after that.... no issues on a ve. clears oil pan perfectly, but it touches the crossmember at first, just give it a good jiggle once its on and you will have a centimeter of space. it does sit about 1-2cm lower than the crossmember though. just be aware of this and dont slam your ride like a jackass because i will be laughing at you.

hope this helps those who are interested in the header. i dont have facebook and i found zero posts about this anywhere. fitment issues, gains, nothing. just ebay ads. its now documented and googleable for the community.
@1fastser @eggman @speedricer @lynchfourtwenty

looking at this pic and noticed your power cable is on the side of the ALT.
I have a B15 Alt and the bolt/nut is on top....I was looking at it today actually to get the belt # off it and was thinking how it may clear as is
I also just went out and looked at my nx and its bolt is on top also on the ALT(its turbo so dont really matter but I was curious.)...maybe yours is aftermarket? Mine are genuine Nissan
2015-02-24 02:08:34
Alternator came with the ve. Ve alternator?
2015-03-24 04:05:26
2015-03-24 15:45:38

2015-03-25 00:22:37

It would be best to contact @gio94sr20ve for the bins. I am just a peeeon. No tuning skills here or much knowledge as of yet...I am working on that..LOL
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