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Thread: EBay tri y header

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2014-11-01 04:13:16
Interesting. Most gaskets I've seen are universal and are pretty much the same....you may be better off making your own. And of course, use the largest flat washer you can fit. Although now it makes me wonder about what you're mounting it to and it's bolt pattern.
2014-11-01 04:30:39
Stock se-r cat. If the holes don't line up I will ream out the flange on header to fit. Make quick work of it too with a basterd rasp. If it's the gasket I will just clip the sides to extend the holes and center it then bolt up.
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2014-11-01 05:17:12
that flange on that header looks goofy long.. hondaish.. the gasket looks normal to me.. did it come with the header?
2014-11-01 16:57:56
Yes, worst case scenario is I mod the flange a touch.
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2014-11-02 01:24:36
so if you get one of these...

#1 get a shorter alternator belt and move it down. there are clearance issues with the + terminal
#2 you have to drill out the flange to mate with the cat. the bolt holes DO NOT line up AT ALL.
#3 you will need a retune. vs the other header, this one runs a little leaner it seems. i will re-check all my fittings but this appears to be the case, everything is bolted up nice and tight and im reading a little leaner than before.

if you have a VE, beyond those 2 things, it bolts up fine. just retune.

seems quieter than the ssac @ idle and putting around though. time for some gas, throw in my richer tune from a few days ago and give it a spin.
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2014-11-02 01:31:05
hurry with the fitment pics interesting times ahead hope this performs well
2014-11-02 01:44:22
2014-11-02 01:45:44
im still not 100% done. i have about 2mm of clearance with the alternator which is not enough imo. i will be swapping a shorter belt on tomorrow to move it down and gain more room. this is the only real issue that i see, the rest is pretty self explanatory. looking at a 6PK750 belt which should give me the space i need. i have a 4pk800 on there right now w/ gspec pulley, no ac.

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2014-11-02 06:40:09
dang that engines clean, like some guy scrubbed it or something.. :P

i think it looks pretty good man, def nicer then the ssac i think, maybe cause i've just seen so many..

cant wait to see the VD comparisons
2014-11-02 16:02:50
yea still have to put on the belt first. keeping the header cool as im afraid the temperature expansion will touch the alternator causing arcing which would eventually blow a hole in the header. this header is WAY quieter though.


belt is too short, grabbing a 4pk775 (4 rib)

so in summary...

29.5inch belt is too short
31.5inch belt is too long (causes clearance issues)
30.5 is ???? gonna try it today. they didnt have the 6 rib so i will deal with a 4 rib for now. once i get the belt size verified, you guys without AC need to pick up this belt to not have fitment issues on the header side. the collector will 100% need modding but its a 10min job with some sharp drill bits and a drill.
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