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Thread: Better overall gains, intake (xcessive) or REAL header?

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2014-08-18 17:10:15
Better overall gains, intake (xcessive) or REAL header?
Been out of the game lately but it's time to get back, currently my setup is pretty basic (N1, SSAC, 3" catback) and I'm trying to improve once at a time, the whole Q45TB and Xcessive plenum sounds great but shouldn't I work first on a better header?

Where should I expect more gain?

N1 primaries
Xcessive plenum
Q45 TB


Tri Y
any other fancy header

2014-08-18 17:40:05
Personally I say header first will show gains.others may have had different results.
2014-08-18 17:47:03
Exhaust manifold, first.
2014-08-19 00:48:03
Intake 1st and port matching then get the header.
2014-08-19 01:18:11
I am about to pull the trigger on a 20V header, looks like 8whp over the SSAC

My only concern is getting the huge 20V header in the bay considering I wanna keep the A/C
2014-08-19 01:27:34
JMR no longer made IIRC
2014-08-19 01:32:49
@kevo The 20V will cause fitment issues because it is so large and the taper is meant for a different chassis (P12).

@Storm88000 Yes, JMR is no longer made because it was a 'meh' exhaust manifold.
2014-08-22 17:48:57
Kevo contact Ramiro Garcia, he is from Hermosillo, he is selling some very nice headers form Armonic Performance, in a ridiculuos price $9000 MXN including downpipe, i think they are very cheap if you take in mind the quality and the amount of work it takes to built the header.

you only need to modify a little bit the angle of the oil return from the valve cover to the block, and run one slim fan, the one next to the alternator.
2014-08-22 19:57:29

I had an intake with q45TB and tri-y header on my ve. The header felt like it added more hp over all but the intake manifold and TB increased throttle response by ten fold.
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2014-08-29 16:10:13
Thanks for the heads up, actually just got a 20V header and will be installing it in about a month, should I need to re-tune?

Looks like the intake manifold upgrade is worth it too
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