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Thread: Oil pressure fluctuating after cams activates

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2014-07-17 10:09:26
Oil pressure fluctuating after cams activates

what could be issue here? oil used castrol edge 5w-30

Dashboard dummy oil light is not reacting, works normally at start up.
i did have sandwitch between oil filter and housing, took that off and put meter on dummy light place, same thing...
2014-07-17 11:47:08
you wanna hope its the gauge or the wiring/earth?, maybe a quick visit to an auto electrician is in order. f'ing scary that.
2014-07-17 12:21:08
^^ this guy speaks the truth...or just rewire the gauge.
2014-07-17 13:52:30
I am hoping that it is gauge, because if the oil pressure really goes to 0, then dummy oil light would light up too?

Also this has been happening around year and engine still runs so, even after couple hours dyno session...
2014-07-17 14:47:05
If you went to true zero oil pressure, the engine would surely let you know. I believe this would be an electronics related issue.
2014-07-20 10:03:21
In the B13 (prob B14 too) the check engine light will often flash repeatedly and/or stay on before, during or after the low oil pressure light comes on intermittently. Sometimes one will come before the other.
2014-07-20 19:35:47
Did not see it mentioned but oil level is good ?

Any oil leaks ?

Hopefully bad sensor or wiring but more info needed to be able to advise.
2014-07-21 10:49:11
Oil level is almost max, and havent seen any oil leaks. Also, pressure drops faster with warm oil vs cold oil.
2014-07-21 12:57:27
That looks like a gauge issue. Check wiring and or get a new/better gauge. If that gauge is correct and your oil pressure is dropping to 0 you will know really soon due to catastrophic engine failure. Enjoy and good luck.

PS what sensor does that gauge use? If its using the factory sensor then the gauge is junk, remove it and stomp on it twice. Buy a real gauge and install it then view actual values. The stock oil pressure sensor is an idiot light trigger by the time it warns you it's almost to late.
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2014-07-21 22:04:00
If you have time and it's not the gauge, and if you want to be absolutely certain, pull the lower pan (but remember you'll have to refill w/ new oil) and inspect the oil pickup/strainer - remember I found a piece of the pan broken stuck in my pickup that surely significantly reduced draw
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