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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2016-10-15 05:30:26
180sx conversion pt. 3
So I did a thing...

Turning Signals

Circuit Sports front bumper lights (cheaped out on these because for $50/set rather then $69/per light to me sounded a lot easier) Might buy oem units in the near future.

Ended up purchasing OEM lights as they came with hardware, sockets & were a way better fit.

The bulb sockets & plug & play harnesses are on their way

& some close up shots of some part #'s if needed

& probably my favorite item for this car (plug & play harness as well)
Kouki Tail lights

Just a test fit (ordered the upper rad/bumper support so no sag will happen) Thought I can install without it but I guess it really had nothing to hang on to so THIS IS A MUST piece if anyone of you guys are going 180sx s13 conversion

So ran into a little issue, whoever worked on the car before always used to jack the car from the lower fender so there's a little bit of mounting hole damage. My friend said he will have a go at it & try to restore it as best as possible.
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2016-10-16 16:56:51
Everyone loves the 180SX taillights.
2016-10-16 23:00:32
Ve+t power
Front bumper light harness came in

P11 SR20VE cylinder head. Oem P11 cams in the picture

Going to port the lower runners & most likely go with the Xcessive plenum. Saving a bunch of money that can be used towards machining

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2016-11-17 20:21:25
Body work
What's up guys been pretty busy with school and saving up some funds and all my main computer took a crap on me, any who my friend got some major body work done

Rear bumper prep (if you guys remember it was missing paint & was yellow, this is just a temporary fix)

New master cylinder, might upgrade to a GTR N1 in the future if this one isn't to my liking

180sx bumper installed with new light harnesses as well

What's a 240 project without it being multicolored

Brackets made for my parking break assembly as the 2+2 lines are a bit long

Painted the master cylinder, I think i'm going to go for a murdered out theme engine bay, liking the stealth theme there as well

Houston we liftoff lol not just yet

Installed a extended shifter, it's not to obnoxious and should decrease the time it takes from my hand to reach the shifter & shall keep me in great position as well

Temp mock up of the s14 manual seat belts to see if they work and they do. By any chances does anyone know I should clean them with ? I also heard some guys would put a little armor all to add some life in them if they're a bit dry ?

Water pump, Thermostat & new clutch for the fan installed & fuel filter

All there's left to do is bleed some fluids & make sure everything is tight for a small test drive then alignment & that shall be all for 2016 as I would be putting her in storage for now & searching for a new daily
2016-11-17 21:30:11
2017-06-18 18:51:12
The project s13 still lives
What's up guys I know it's been a while but long story short I had knee surgery so I left it all to my friend to fix & now i'm back on my feet (literally) & the s13 is home as well as my new 2014 Pathfinder daily (tow rig future).

The car I must say feels like it's on RAILS, I could imagine when I move up to my bigger square tire setup how it will perform. Unfortunately my z32 master cylinder didn't work so I do feel the brakes aren't up to their potential considering i'm using a usdm s chassis master. I might switch to the N1 GTR master cylinder but..... I have major MAJOR plans so let's just say there may not be a brake booster due to floor mounted pedals

Other than that fixed my brake light staying on issue with a brand new oem rubber brake stopper, took like 2 mins to install, now hopefully it's just this 90s stupid alarm that's left to delete & my battery won't be draining

Also purchased a front main seal due to it leaking in the shop but drove it back home & it hasn't leaked since I will still replace it just for extra security as I want this engine to be a learning process

Had to get a new emblem for the 180sx front (btw I think this is the wrong one for 180sx's because there's a rod on the back of the emblem which the 180sx bumper does not have a hole for the rod, so I just trimmed it off & tried to line it up as best as possible, if anyone knows the correct part # for the 180sx emblem please let me know)

The car appears to be kind of high & it is higher in the front, might lower it a bit but for now I like having the security of being able to clear things, plus I'll do that when I get my new wheels & possibly a front lip so I can adjust it accordingly

The new daily (it was much needed but I hate the thought of payments But i'm almost 25 & need to build credit because i'm trying to purchase a house within 3 years or so...)

Not the best of pics (haven't had the time to really take good pics of the car but here's a few)

I also started a youtube channel not mainly for the fame & money but in hopes to get this car exposed for functional sponsors (like tires, fuel, brakes etc...) & I can't lie if I do make it big I would love to give back to the community as in opening a circuit & dragstrip within Long island but I can dream right ? anywho it would be great if you guys subscribed, liked whatever these youtubers do


& As far as the big plans to come well I had a couple talks with tuners & shops & honestly i'm done with them the only people that seemed to get back to me was MAZWORX (which I will be sending my engine too) & hypertune which I will be ordering their hypex bottom mount manifold, still in the talks with them because depending on the turbo & power levels I want will determine which dry sump kit I will purchase. Yup you read that right I AM GOING DRY SUMP I plan on having the most powerband possible with the added security of a great oil system so I have my eye towards the mazworx system due to price & the fact it's US made but I have to see which can work with SR20 P/S, low mount big turbo & dry sump. So with that being said I will probably be ordering the turbo & manifold soon or dry sump reason why because I'm going to get custom mounts made for the engine So i can mount the engine really low & far back as possible. But I will see what my welder would recommend 1st. But that's most likely going to be started august or sept if money permits & nothing major comes up. Til then see you guys in a few
2017-06-18 18:56:57
& my VLSD worked once & it is now shot lol we did one burnout about 2 weeks before getting an alignment & after the day I brought it home I decided to try & drift & let's just say i'm back to square one of spinning one wheel. Carbonetic LSD or OS Giken super lock ( I hear you can tune these things pretty good) & Oh here's my alignment specs if anyone wants to know ( it's a mild street/autocross setup for now)

2017-06-19 00:37:43
Bad-ass! Welcome back. Good alignment numbers. The car has to feel solid from what I digest on that sheet.

oh ya, definitely go dry sump.
2017-06-19 17:36:20
Looking good! The one car I wish I never got rid of was my 91 240SX SE coupe...keep it up!
2017-06-19 20:02:12
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Looking good! The one car I wish I never got rid of was my 91 240SX SE coupe...keep it up!

Perfect excuse to get another
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