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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2016-07-17 16:33:36
Keep up the good work.

We like Cosworth or Apexi headgaskets if OEM is not good enough (although it almost always is).

Make sure your water pump is in good shape, it sounds like you're still not getting the coolant flow to the heater core that you should. The heat should be blazing. Also check the coolant hoses to the firewall and the heater core itself for blockage? Rare I guess, but not impossible.
Also make sure your radiator fans aren't on all the time?
2016-08-08 14:53:39
Small update:

I was going to go with a Carbonetic 1.5way lsd but I was recommended to get an VLSD for now since i'm not making crazy power & into competition now. I'm going to get it shimmed as well so we'll see how that turns out

Then installed Enthuspec's solid S13-S14 Bushings & painted one of the rear covers & actual diff to clean things up a bit

Will most likely swap my R32 GTR cover on
2016-08-14 17:44:18
S15 LSD would have been a much better choice. From what I remember shiming the LSD will cause it to fail sooner rather than later. But it's prob half dead anyway so I guess it couldn't hurt.
2016-08-14 18:48:15
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
S15 LSD would have been a much better choice. From what I remember shiming the LSD will cause it to fail sooner rather than later. But it's prob half dead anyway so I guess it couldn't hurt.

This is only temporary. I plan to just do bolt on mods on my KA & since it has a 4.08 FD it'll definitely be better for my application (autocross & maybe road racing for now) but when I build my VE-T setup again then I'll way some options to either get a s15 hlsd or carbonetic. Either way i'm most likely swapping to a 4.3fd in the future so i'll see
2016-08-25 16:54:09
Assembly time !
So after dealing with a bunch of B.S. shops that either had no time or kept pushing me to later dates, me & my friend decided to tackle this job ourselves. Now since I'm basically restoring & all suspension components are new, I said I'll rather him do that & I'll do the prep work. I don't really trust myself with this high caliber work. He had a couple of SR S-chassis vehicles and now his RB25 powered Z32. (aiming for 700hp this off season)

Rear subframe getting prepped for GKtech's rear solid diff bushings

VLSD & Bushings in though I think they're in the wrong configuration & unfortunately GKtech doesn't provide instructions , have to test fit & see how it goes.

Parking break assembly on the rear drop knuckles and still able to retain the dust shield, Even though it traps heat I'm actually impressed I was still able to retain this. Maybe when i'll go for my inspection the techs will be impressed as well.

Rear subframe about 95% assembled. I made a mistake when buying the rear arms. I had purschased everything for an s13 subframe forgetting i'm upgrading to a s14 subframe from so my lower rear arms not REAR LOWER CONTROL ARMS have the wrong insert. But that was no biggy just a minor setback as I contacted GKtech & should be receiving the s14 rear inserts any day & can put up in the car.

As you can see there's too much space where the inserts and mounting points meet

Also ordered front Voodoo13 tension rods. No particular reason just I thought I had tension rods which I did (but labeled the boxes wrong) and ordered it and couple days later finding them in the wrong box. But I will do a comparison to see which has better material, weighs less and so on... Will take pics of them when I head back to the shop tomorrow

Steering rack was sent out to get rebuilt and installed with my Tein inner & GKtech outer tie rods, and ISR stainless PS lines

Front knuckles & s14 LCA's attached (just a mock up)

I always wanted to restore my s13. I plan to keep it as long as forever so why not restore & start to undercoat the body . Started where the previous owner did rust repair. The welds were pretty ugly but it sure held, so we grind it down a little, shaved the surface rust off and resealed & coated to prevent further damage



Not the best of jobs but it's not a show car & will be driven as much as weather permits. Definitely no snow/salt weather driving but you get the point. Once the rear subframe they will start undercoating the rest of the car. & in the future since I hope to be running bigger than my 235 tire set-up. Tubs will be going in the front, so no need to really undercoat the front wells but might do it to protect it in the time being.

New clutch lines, Somewhere there was a repair on the line some time ago (previous owner) and it was bypassed..... so while I was under there decided to get new lines. Good thing about these lines (not sure brand in particular) but they do seem to work with cd009 gearbox swaps which will I be doing in the future. & since i'll be doing that I'm putting funds to the side to buy an SR20VE cylinder head.

More updates this weekend
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2016-08-26 18:54:15
Assembly cont.
Welp Nismo power brace on order !

Passenger side coated & 510's installed

Nice looking hardware courtesy of Fortune auto, wonder what type of coating if they are on these

Brembo calipers test fit onto the Gktech knuckle, still some modifying to do. We think we have evo x calipers & the wrong pads or rotors not totally sure but the pads weren't sliding in, we assume that whoever painted these calipers left some over spray that's getting in the way of the pad sliding in, but at the same time there's maybe 1/4 inch or less space between the caliper & where the rotors meet. Might have modify the bracket a bit more. But I do not remember what they were when I bought the car, going to try and get in contact with the previous owner

Fluids galore !!! shout out to @SR20NYC on the hookup on the OEM Nissan fluids

Once we get the rear arm inserts from gktech & this brake problem situated everything else should start coming together nicely
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2016-08-30 11:56:26
Thanks for the much needed update! Way to go. Awesome work.
2016-08-30 15:26:47
Originally Posted by Kyle
Thanks for the much needed update! Way to go. Awesome work.

Thanks man appreciate it, more content on the way soon
2016-08-30 15:29:15
Hell, I appreciate the plethora of pictures provided! And the attention to detail is pretty damn immaculate.
2016-08-30 21:29:56
^Exactly! Keep up the great work!

I would sell all my cars to get my '91 S13 coupe back!
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