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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2015-10-18 00:00:36
Good call on avoiding the Nismo studs. I've personally sheered maybe a dozen in the past.
2015-12-27 23:00:21
Picked up the new daily more pics sometime next week or so.

93 SE-R
300zx maf
turbo injectors (not what sure size or from what car)
Spec clutch
lsd trans (supposedly from a b14)

My plans are to just take care of maintenance & get a good tune
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2015-12-28 17:14:42
nice build bro. gl.
2016-01-01 00:21:42
Last semi warm day in NY I suppose....
Decided to give her a surface detail & wash to see where see stands for now.



Tsuru conversion in 2016 if the 240 permits

Interior shots (after cleaning forgot to take before shots)

Will be giving the engine a nice cleaning probably in spring as we're finally getting the winter cold days
2016-01-01 01:09:11
where in NY?
2016-01-01 15:23:47
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
where in NY?

Long Island Nassau county
2016-01-01 15:32:33
Originally Posted by Arteeste
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
where in NY?

Long Island Nassau county

kool, i work in valley stream nassau county. love it see it in person one day
2016-01-01 16:25:32
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
Originally Posted by Arteeste
Originally Posted by SR20NYC
where in NY?

Long Island Nassau county

kool, i work in valley stream nassau county. love it see it in person one day

Yea man definitely, hopefully everything should be worthy enough to take it to spring nationals & local meets
2016-03-06 23:08:11
Some goodies coming soon:

ASP Header (don't know the specs but it was on a 300whp+ n/a VE) & N1 Cams
VRS 3" Exhaust in the future most likely

N60 Maf in & N62 out !

Old ECU out & JWT (370cc, N1 cams, N60 maf, 93oct) ECU in for now till I go Nismotronic

This also helped my 1800rpm idle issue for now but starts to break up around 5500rpm, Tune coming soon !

Why not do some maintenance on this 50 Degree weather day

Also semi fixed my no heat issue, the temp gauge use to go really low as I would drive in these 15-30 degree nights, So checked online replaced the t-stat with an oem one, Coolant flush, Next I will be replacing the sensor. As now the heat works well its not HOT but more than enough to keep me warm or take off a jacket inside but it seems not up to par but it's getting warmer so not so much of a concern

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2016-07-16 22:27:28
The 240 still lives... for now
Hey guys needed some motivation, so I thought i'll update you guys with the s13 project.

Sold the b13 & all it's parts due to rust taking over just my luck with B CHASSIS... Hopefully i'll get one again in a year or two or just might move to honda & their Kseries world.

Just been collecting the final parts such as fluids, lug nuts, suspension arms, brakes etc...

Missed out on a brand new genuine 180sx tail light set with key So I kind of had an impulse buy to start my 180sx conversion hence why I have an genuine 180sx front bumper now. (NOT INSTALLED)

Also my fortune auto 510 coilovers arrived after 6 weeks 12K(F) & 10K(R) NO swift springs for now as when I complete the engine swap & add aero then I will upgrade to their 510 2-way dreadnaught series

P2M rear rotors (these were the only brand I could find sepcifically for s-chassis with a rear z32 break conversion.) I know I could of went oem but I wanted a little performance so I can practice with this car. I will upgrade to either GIRODISC or DBA 2 piece rotors in the future

Also missed out on some OEM 180sx front seats so opted out for s14 seats (temporary) Will get Recaro SPG or Sparco EVO I OR II whichever fits my 5'6 self the best & lightest

& cleaned & prepped the interior for some stitch welding, still have to clear out residue on the rear wheel arches. Just been kind of lazy since a roll cage will get done most likely around winter & don't want to deal with these super tedious task in 90 degree weather lol

Bought some tein inner tie rods & some GKTech outers

R32 GTR rear diff cover with cooling fins ( bought this instead of an oem s14 since I'm doing an s13-s14 rear subframe swap. This should help keep the diff a lil bit cooler)

Also have miscellaneous maintenacne items not pictured. High & low pressure power steering lines, new steering rack boots, waterpump & oem thermostat. Just the basics to ensure the car SHOULD be okay to practice at local events with.

Purchased a cometic head gasket but to get installed but everyone keeps steering away of doing it & i don't trust myself doing that big of a job, so hopefully a coolant flush & simple easy to replace parts fixes my no heat & hotter than usual temps
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