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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2015-03-17 00:03:40
Small update.

Took the engine apart. (Valve cover, IM, & cylinder head for sale. Low ball offers welcomed. Also have a SR20VE intake manifold for sale as well)

Rebuilt my rear z32 brakes

Main hardware wire brushed and cleaned.


Purchased a new s14 rear subframe due to my original one being a little bent. Scored a local deal with this one being sand blasted and bushings already pressed out. Just took care of some surface rust.

Also tried to clean up my BMC.

Next update should be painting the calipers and putting chassis enamel on the subframe.
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2015-05-28 22:26:43
Interior Resto part 1.
With all the down time I've had I decided to get started in my interior restoration. My ultimate goal for the interior would hopefully be gutted, all sound deadening removed, appropriate cage (plan to hit 10s or 9s if I stay turbo or 11s for all motor & whatever is legal for the car/track) & POR15 or Matte black paint not totally sure between the two. Main reason is I want stealth. There's a lot of honda thieves in my area but 240s lately been getting stolen about 2 this year in the NY area. So I want this car not to attract much attention, (I know a roll cage is pretty obnoxious) but hopefully having everything black will make it seem like nothing is worth taking.

Trusty dry ice method

GkTech Rear Drop Knuckles arrived

Next on the to-do list
Subframe coating
Solid s13-s14 conversion bushings
q45 lsd with xterra 4.6fd
GkTech RLCA's
re-order brake lines
17x9 +35 RPF1's
Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers with 12k(F) & 10k(R)
& basic maintenance including headgasket

Hopefully this will all be done before summer is over so I can enjoy the car a little bit before winter storage
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2015-05-29 00:15:59
If u go with the fortunes upgrade to the swift springs.
2015-05-29 01:33:17
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
If u go with the fortunes upgrade to the swift springs.

Yup that is definitely the route i'm going
2015-06-14 22:18:26
Got a chance to restore my s14 rear subframe


Air dried for about 30mins

VHT Epoxy paint.

Now just awaiting on purchasing solid subframe bushings

Removed the dash & happy I have no cracks only damage was a couple cracked vent covers

Next is to remove the rest of the carpet & sound deadening & get it ready for paint & maybe a little stitch welding. Till then going to be taking a break.
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2015-06-19 00:58:11
Sweet project dude
2015-06-21 17:22:25
What's does the dry ice do?
2015-06-21 23:31:23
Makes it a ton easier to remover the sound deadening. Works great
2015-08-17 16:31:12
Sold the sr20ve head & RWD DET block, kind of regretting it now I have ideas of building a all motor beastly 2.0 but I think my future motor plans will make me reconsider

But here's some progress, started getting more into stripping sound deadening and the seams.. as you can see there's still a lot left but in these 85+ degree days with no shade sure takes a beating on the body. Once I get my compressor it will be a lot easier to tackle this & prep it for stitch welding/cage. Also bought "everyday" wheels & also dude was really cool even gave me a discount since it was my bday. & Finally after almost 3 months my superlock front knuckles & RLCA's have arrived. It feels good to keep it one company but jesus christ the wait time on these parts are annoying. But they are opening a state side store so hopefully I can purchase my tie rods & tension rods then my front suspension should be complete besides S14 oem FLCA's. Then will be miscellaneous stuff as in brake rotors, fluids & water pump & thermostat change.

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2015-10-17 23:51:41
Picked up a set of oem S14 FLCA's for a deal but then again the bushings & ball joints were pretty bad & had quite the amount of surface rust. Got them pressed out & started prepping them for rust coating. Also Assembled my z32 parking brake assembly. A lot of people asked why am I keeping the parking brake assembly,
1. since this car is 1991 I only need a safety inspection & which you have to have a working parking brake.
2. I want the extra security rather then rolling my car into gear.
3. I'm aiming for this car to be an oem & quality aftermarket build.

Here comes some few quality & oem parts !

Whiteline Bushings & Moog ball joints (appeared on the top)

(Part # in case anyone will be swapping s14 flca's into their s13's. I believe these fit s13s as well but don't quote me on that)

About 24hrs I let them soak & surprisingly all the surface rust was out, The only downfall I wish this product offered as well would also be stripping it down to bare metal



In the future I'll most likely do the spherical bearing mod & get them professionally painted

That is not rust, it's sand paper residue before I cleaned it off.

whiteline bushings & moog ball joints pressed in

But here's the final product & yea i know I could of did a better job as you can see. But that is no rust just chipped paint I had lost my wire brush & didn't feel like buying another to get the rest off

My OEM S14 Front Hubs & ARP extended Studs, Was going to with nismo but I heard like 2 stories of guys snapping theirs, but it was very very rare that it happened, So I just went with the next big thing. & What I like about these, is the information they provided me such as tensile strength.

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