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Thread: It's ALIVE! but FML once again, this is absolutely ridiculous what I found

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2014-07-02 15:27:46
Originally Posted by wildmane
... you sure this is from a tow truck? Crossmember, header, oil pan scraping, front swaybar bent, headgasket... where did they take this car? And did they have keys to it? I could almost say someone took it for a little joyride and jumped a curb...

I just read this entire thread and this is exactly what popped into my head when I saw the pics. I'd put that car up in the air as high as I could get it and check the entire undercarriage, check tires/wheel for damage too.
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2014-07-02 16:05:10
Anyone know if the DE RR oil pump is compatible with the VE? Just spoke w/ Greg and he has the VE pump on backorder, and since the DE RR (00-01 Sentra SE) uses the same oil pan as the VE I was wondering
2014-07-02 16:31:58
Oil pressure is different in those two pumps I thought....
2014-07-02 18:12:13
Thanks Kyle. Ok so I just got an estimate, the mechanics said it looks like it WAS in fact caused by a tow truck that pulled the car forward and up due to the direction of the scrapes and damage. Luckily for me, I took photos of the car each time it was towed, and even luckier is the second time it was pulled up backwards. So at the shop the one guy goes "bet there's a scrape or dent in the back at the lowest point" or something and we looked at the back, didn't see anything then someone found a mark/scrape/small dent on the front part of the muffler at the bottom. so i'll get the official estimate tomorrow and they are including how they believe the damage was created. Faxing that to insurance co who are then forwarding this to the specific tow place to see what they say about it. The header and crossmember is hit but I told them that since you can't get that JMR anymore and it's one of the best headers for the VE we'll just leave that out of it and I'll take the hit. It's going to be the oil pan, pump, gaskets etc, resurfacing the head, head gasket, studs etc - going with the just the regular OEM head studs since I'm trying to keep the costs down as much as I can. Since this shop had never seen this motor before I had to bring in a paper with what cars in the U.S. have similar parts (Senta SE roller-rocker etc) - will see what happens.
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2014-07-02 19:39:20
Cool! /thread....right?
2014-07-02 19:43:27
Possibly, I just need to find a VE oil pump. I googled them and they were pretty expensive, I'm not sure where the best place to get one is
2014-07-02 20:26:18
...........Don't forget the correct oil pump spacer!

Oh thats right, I am on his ignore list lol!
2014-07-02 20:28:46
Miko sells them all the time.
2014-07-02 20:33:56
Originally Posted by Boostlee
...........Don't forget the correct oil pump spacer!

Oh thats right, I am on his ignore list lol!

2014-07-02 20:57:30
Sucks about the tow damage but how could you have not noticed/heard it while it was happening? I don't give a crap how hot or cold it is if someones towing or loading a vehicle you bet I am observing every bit.
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