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Thread: Wow.... black top VE motor w/ 6 speed trans for $3,600 on eBay

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2014-01-18 12:26:39
@Storm i though you were well versed in the art of sr20ve. That is the engine that makes 205hp stock and comes with 20v cams.
2014-01-18 16:47:16
Originally Posted by Agent
@Storm i though you were well versed in the art of sr20ve. That is the engine that makes 205hp stock and comes with 20v cams.

I thought it was 200 and the regular VE was 187, ahh well. Just saw it pop up and saw the price, was like
2014-01-18 17:38:55
It has all sorts of different internals parts.

Back to 8 CW crank with a girdle, a 7800 RPM redline, a more linear powerband rather than peak power, 70mm electric throttle, 34.3mm inconel (lighter material) valves that are back-cut 4.5mm from factory to decrease friction, 5.5mm valve stems (less air flow restriction), the head ports are about 1/8" taller and wider with a smoother taper and a longer dividing wall, uses the metal head gasket form factory, and only has one Solenoid for VVL.

Kinda different from the other VVL engines.
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2014-01-18 17:45:51
Originally Posted by Storm88000
ha, imagine coming a cross a pristine, mint, beautiful, 99 Sentra SE-L shell with no rust and throwing all of that in there.

Haha, I just bought one. It's in my long term goals for the car. Maybe not a 20V, but a VE setup for sure. OEM plus style!

Prices on these are staying pretty consistent. How hard are these to install/tune due to the DBW set-up?

3600 is a lot, but the 6 speed trans is a definite bonus. Would yield better acceleration as well as better MPGs as a daily.
2014-01-18 19:04:52
Mmmm 20v motors need to be more common.
2014-01-18 21:19:10
Originally Posted by pan_duh
Mmmm 20v motors need to be more common.

I agree. 205HP stock FTW!!!! So we could assume that with a good tune, intake, JMR header or equally good equivalent, 3" exhaust, X tb plenum, some pullies, Fidanza flywheel or something and MSD window box - could put down like 230+ WHP?

I would have considered trading my SR20 vehicles in this photo for a 99 SE-L with the setup in the original post (except the Altima)

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2014-01-19 01:34:05
You can find a better deal. I can get the 20v with full 6spd drivetrain for 2,800. I get sr20ves for 750-800 and avenirs for about the same. Keep hunting and you can find a killer deal. Buy in bulk and you can save.
2014-01-19 02:24:08
Originally Posted by b12sr20ve
it came from a Primera p12 20v

- - - Updated - - -

6 speed 4.7 fd

All of them are open diff
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2014-01-19 03:06:29
yeah but you can easily swap in a lsd

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