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Thread: Is it possible to skip a tooth on the crank?

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2014-01-13 04:50:22
Is it possible to skip a tooth on the crank?
When installing cams today I had an impossible time getting the exhaust cam gear on, and in the end the only way I was able to put it on was by turning the motor over slightly with the chain tensioner removed, to create enough slack in the chain.
However, now I am worried that I may have skipped a tooth on the crank, since I had to turn the motor while the chain was loose, not to mention now I do not seem to be able to reinstall the tensioner. I cannot push it in far enough to thread the nuts back on the studs. Or is there a trick to installing it?

I have read before that the SR20VE oil pump uses an interference fit, which makes it impossible to skip a tooth, so I relied on that. Can anyone confirm if it is true?
Thank you for any information.
2014-01-13 05:13:59
I've read this also based on its design... Did u squeeze the tensioner close?
2014-01-13 05:18:09
2014-01-13 05:39:02
Is there a specific method to compressing it? I definitely am not able to push mine in that far, at least not by hand. Or does it just require brute force such as a vice perhaps?
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2014-01-13 10:18:56
I've always just given it a good push against something solid on the back. Others have carefully compressed it with a vice. I also found it easier after letting the left over oil drain out of it for a bit.
2014-01-13 10:25:26
just be careful, if you use pliers or something insufficient you risk shooting the toothed part out an losing parts lol.. guess how i know?
2014-01-13 10:34:15
Haven't tried it yet myself, but if you don't have a bench vice, a c-clamp might work nicely to compress it.
2014-01-13 11:00:23
You have to press down on the tab that locks into the teeth then compress the long peace.

Once you have it compressed enough you can slip the tab onto the post to keep it compressed untill it is fully installed.

After the tensioner is tightened down and your cams are tightened down get a flat head screw driver and flip the clip off the post of the tensioner and you are good to go.

Make sure the chain is tight.

I always spin my motor a few times by hand to make sure all is right before sealing up the valve cover and starting her

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2014-01-13 21:29:58
Thanks for the information, glad to know everything is normal!
2014-01-14 07:13:14
See phrase under screen name
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