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Thread: Intake Mainfold for my VE

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2014-01-08 21:40:04
Intake Mainfold for my VE
Hello everybody,

which intake mainfold is better for my sr20ve? I have the stock sr20ve and a sr20det pulsar rnn14 intakt mainfold. My other parts are:

pulsar gti 440ccm injectors
sr16ve n1 cams
2.5" engine back exhaust
sr20de ecu with nistune
eClutschmaster stage 3 clutch
ColdAirIntake with K&N 57i Kit
Bosch 044 fuel pump
Race Tech -R fuel pressure
Digital rpm activated switch controller

Thanks for help and informations.
2014-01-08 21:55:42
First thing is the DET intake manifold will not bolt on to the VE. Second i believe the VE intake manifold flows better because the stock VE head flows better than the DET heads. There are a few threads floating around about aftermarket intake manifolds for the VE that are making power, i suggest looking into one of those if you want something better.
2014-01-08 22:34:23
What squirlz said...
2014-01-08 22:46:01
The stock ve manifold looks fine for your setup. Unless you don't mind spending the bucks on a custom unit or the N1 manifold.
2014-01-08 22:58:56
Go to G-spec.com and click on the "VVL" section on the left
2014-01-08 23:13:08

This manifold? Is it better than my stock ve manifold? So I need sidefeed injectors right?
2014-01-09 00:37:55
That manifold will net you around 10hp as others have seen. You use the factory lower runners of the stock intake manifold and just bolt the plenum on. What runners are you using now?
2014-01-09 00:52:40
Plenty of fabricators on here that you guys tend to forget about...
2014-01-09 03:18:38
show us what you got then... i know not a lot of guys spend the money but you and i know you will find them serious guys if you built something that performed.

You said yourself you dont have a ve head to do anything so that doesnt help haha
2014-01-09 03:55:46
I've had one on the way for a while...still waiting on it. Should have something mocked up soon though. Plenum or full blown manifold.
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