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Thread: Modified Xcessive plenum kit

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2014-01-01 23:45:48
Originally Posted by naedtrax
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
You don't want use that plastic stack ask 5speed all about it lol.

Did his stacks come off and get lodged in the TB like mine did? -.-

He his came off and and stuck in the runners.
2014-01-02 00:18:44
Re: Modified Xcessive plenum kit
We need some runners like these
So we can port them according to engine needs!! But skunk 2 will never support such small market!!

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2014-01-02 07:54:17
Hmm, tapered runners... nice! Is it for K20? I guess it will be hard to weld a VE flange as spacing will be little of...

I think Jamie and LPH were doing custom runners for their top fed intake.
2014-01-02 13:00:09
waiting.for their intake manifold.might.be the best path. The cost will be high because of the low volume but it looks like solid gains will be had without the guess work.
2014-01-02 14:19:58
Originally Posted by sss4me
Originally Posted by amdeman
Looking at this https://www.gspec.com/p-10967-plenum-kit-vvl-n1.aspx it looks like the standard item has rubber stacks, can anyone confirm this?
Or are the manifolds like the metal one in the thread?

look like metal to me, check this out.

those are my runners I ported them and yes thier like plastic and I glue them because they where coming off but problem fix
2014-04-13 18:01:03
Finished product. Car owner said that car is much beastier now. Lets see what will dyno say this week.

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2014-04-13 20:14:56
Great work Jagy!!!
Waiting for the dyno results!
2014-04-14 02:17:25
How is idle with the maf sensor on the 3.5 pipe
2014-04-16 17:31:02
Originally Posted by mercado
How is idle with the maf sensor on the 3.5 pipe

nothing really changed... Idle is the same, but We had to make re-map of course...
2014-04-26 16:29:12
Any Dyno numbers as of yet?
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