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Thread: sr20ve to nistune sr20de

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2013-12-22 22:00:02
sr20ve to nistune sr20de

my ve runs for 2 years fine. Now I change my ecu... from sr20ve to a sr20de with nistune daughterboard. But now I have the problem, my engine dosent start with the new ecu. I have a de harness... any pins they I must change?

Thanks for help
2013-12-22 22:15:09
Wrong ent file or the ecu is burnt out. Is the ecu powering up?

2013-12-22 22:18:56
Its a stock ve map on it. The red light on the backside is on. I mean that I switch 102pin to 106pin... but I´m not sure.
2013-12-22 22:41:48
the ecu may be burnt. correct me if wrong but the ve ecu is obd2, if you replaced it with the same type (obd2) it should at least crank. even if the tune was bad it would crank and run shitty until ironed out. make sure everything is connected properly and give it another try. some times its the small things that trip us up.
2013-12-22 23:50:07
does it crank over but not start, or is there nothing at all?
2013-12-23 00:14:13
Check your pin outs for each ecu. Here in the US the sr20de Ecu and Jdm sr20ve ecu have different pins for two of the injectors. You must swap the two pins to the matching injector.
2013-12-23 08:10:07
What harness do you have? You should use stock 100NX GTi harness and B13/P10/N14 ECU with Nistune board.
2013-12-23 08:47:34
Good morning,

I have the stock 100nx gti harness and a 100nx gti ecu with nistune daughterboard. My engine starts only with a sr20ve ecu, not with the nistune sr20de ecu or with a second stock sr20de ecu.
2013-12-23 08:59:39
what is the base map on the nistuned ecu set up for? ve maf? ve injectors?
2013-12-23 12:20:59
That might be more things...

Wrong burned bin, bad second ecu, different ecu pinout... do you hear fuel pump? What distributor do you have? Do you have spark, fuel?

p10/n14/b13 ecu into euro p11

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