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Thread: Question for SR20VE+T members

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2013-12-12 05:33:11
Question for SR20VE+T members
Ok oil return is a nobrainer drill and tap the boss on the N/A motors in the same spot where the oil return is located on the SR20DET's what I need help with is where are yall getting parts and supplies to run the oil feed? Pics and part numbers would be nice hooefully everything I need is readily available is nissport(sp) even still around? I already have a -04AN oil feed line by the way.
2013-12-12 11:47:14
Would also love to know!
2013-12-12 12:18:01
atp garret turbo oil feed kit
2013-12-12 15:23:59
Originally Posted by Agent
atp garret turbo oil feed kit

Does this come with the necessary fitting to T into where the oil pressure sending unit is? I already have an oil feed line as stated above just interested in that T or something like the nissport adapter so I can run my oil pressure gauge.
2013-12-12 15:30:36
Just go to Home Depot department and match up the fittings and find a T. It may be either a 1/4" or 1/8" NPT (the exact one I am not sure of, so you need to check) on the block side (male) and female on the sender side. Just find a T to match up to those fitments and that's it!

The NISSPORT is a gloried Oil T adapter with several more ports. Nothing else (I should know, I had and just sold one lol!)
2013-12-12 15:35:49
P.S it will be a brass (plumbing) fitting (which the NISSPORT was)
2013-12-12 15:43:32
I know that but if I recall correctly when I was adding turbo to my first de over a decade ago the thread pitch was odd and was not in the home dept racing aisle I think it was 1/8th bspt or something like that as opposed to npt or vice versa. I believe I ended up something off of one of my friends toyota.
2013-12-12 16:13:22
Give McMastercarr a call then. They will most likely have what you need (I order most if not all my fittings from them).

If not, Fastenal is also another good bet!
2013-12-12 22:41:13
same as the de and yes the thread is different pitch but can be tapped to fit 1/8npt
2013-12-13 00:07:53
nissport adapter for the oil feed or the custom steel unit gregv sells. its just like doing the oil feed on a de.
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