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Thread: Timing chain tensioner going bad? (I have the old style one wth?)

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2013-12-12 10:36:55
WOW, ok I actually feel better now.. knowing it COULD be that. Because it just sounds like metal and its up top, like right near the valve cover.

I'm willing to try it. How much do you want for the new one and where are you located? I'm in SE PA. Although like I said there's no real rush, I'd like to try it soon.

p.s. did not find any shaved metal in the drained oil, and I let it drain about 2 hours. ran thru with it with a magnet and stuff. guess that's good.
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2013-12-12 14:42:28
That's great news, hopefully this solves ur issue.
2013-12-12 17:49:23
Ok so here's an update with videos.

Here's what I did:

1) Took off the valve cover
2) Removed the tensioner (that is the "old" style, I am now aware) rinsed it out, then soaked it in oil, rinsed it, then compressed and released the locking mechanism about 6 times over and over and soaked in oil.
3) I let the engine oil drain for about 2 hours and refilled with 4 quarts of Valvoline 5W-30 synthetic
4) I dumped this stuff directly onto the timing chain and tensioner area:

Now inevitably someone is going to say that this stuff is horrible for the engine but read on..

5) I replaced the regular NGK spark plugs with NGK Iridiums
6) I replaced the baffle that goes on the intake cam that I had removed about two months ago
7) I made sure the cam bearing caps were tightened down in the proper sequence at within the correct torque range..
8) I started the engine up, here are the videos..



....and the metal grinding sound is GONE! Will it stay that way, I don't know. I def want to get the new style tensioner.

First I let it idle for about 20 minutes, and revved it up here and there, and then I actually took it out on the road for a few miles, at first driving normally and shifting low, then on the way back I took it to redline twice, and it felt fine. Came back to the garage, popped the hood and no weird noises.

Weird. I wish I had a video of the sound that was before. It kinda reminded me of the sound that a chef makes in the movies when he sharpens his knives together.
2013-12-12 18:07:15
We're you low on oil, some people don't remember to check oil levels since vvl burn up a decent amount of oil. Glad you got the issue fixed. Congrats
2013-12-12 18:38:46
The dipstick showed I was all good, however when I drained it it came out blacker than I expected after just 1,000 miles or so (I drive the car 1-2 times a week when it's nice out) so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I wish I had a video of the sound it was making before because someone could surely diagnose it - and tell me why it has disappeared.
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2013-12-12 20:58:10
videos of noises will never reflect how it sounds in real life.

Ive been getting some odd pinging noises from the chain side of my engine recently, car is off the road now though and I will be tearing the motor down for a rebuild.
2013-12-12 22:00:31
take a screwdriver.....put it to your ear...place it onm where you think the noise is coming from to kinda narrow it down.but that's the old style tensioner you have there for sure...the newr one has way more finer teeth on it.
2013-12-12 22:31:44
SR Timing Chain Tensioner - Engine - Mazworx
2013-12-13 19:30:02
I thought the fine teeth tensioner was a Det unit?

My ve's all came with what looks like a big body tensioner on the left, but the tooth pattern is like the one on the right.
2013-12-13 19:32:00
In other words they look just like strom8800's one.
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