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Thread: Fuel Pressure Dampener?

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2013-11-29 06:26:36
Fuel Pressure Dampener?
Here's what i have done and specs

SR20VE P11 in B13
Infiniti G37 Fuel Pump

Cleaned Tank and in tank filter
fuel pump replaced 3 months ago
Fuel Filter replaced 3 months ago

Spark Ignition components checked and good

checked fuel pump relay and fuse

Pulled Fuel rail with injectors checked resistance on injectors at 13 ohms

Here's the issue, cranks wont start, Fuel comes out of the line from fuel filter into feed line, no fuel (bone dry coming from FPR which connects to return line) during ignition on or when cranking

when i relieve the pressure and pull the FPR and turn ignition on to fill up the rail with fuel, starts and idles til the rail runs out of fuel and dies after a few seconds

replaced the FPR with a known working FPR from a VE and DET and still the same issue, so that eliminates the possibility of a bad FPR

here is what im thinking, would a Fuel Pressure Dampener not be able to let fuel through the rail when i reinstall the FPR

test i have done is, turn ignition on with the fpr removed and fuel pours out where the FPR sits, pretty strong, do FPD's go weak over time? and with the FPR installed the FPD just doesnt have enough to let fuel through?

checked and replaced vac lines for both FPD and FPR (intake manifold is clean)

been doing searches and reading on similar situations as mine, and most peeps just replace the fuel rail but never really isolate the issue to either fpr or fpd


2013-11-29 06:55:46
I know it sounds dumb, but are you sure the fuel feed isn't connected to the input not output
2013-11-29 07:09:26
fuel feed coming from filter goes into rail which leads to FPD then rail to injectors then to FPR going back into return line

i'm doing more reading on FPD's and what i'm seeing on failed FPD's are fuel leading to vac line, but nothing yet on if FPD's non function once FPR's are installed back in place
2013-11-29 18:33:51
Remove the fpd. I see no real need for it.
2013-11-29 18:35:25
Took mine off and the car runs perfectly. The fuel pressure on the afpr shows it's perfectly constant and there is no pulsating in the rail without it.
2013-12-03 05:52:14
Originally Posted by Doctor
Took mine off and the car runs perfectly. The fuel pressure on the afpr shows it's perfectly constant and there is no pulsating in the rail without it.

did you have the same issue as mine?

i have tried replacing the fpr with 3 fprs already and still dying soon as fuel in the rail runs out with fpr's installed, one from a ga, DET and another one from a VE, soon as i pull the fpr's and prime the pump, fuel overflows through the opening
2013-12-03 16:30:25
try replacing the fpd and monitor the fuel pump to see if it stays on while the car is running
2013-12-10 00:23:19
just swapped out a complete fuel rail from a friends running VE, no dice, still bone dry, no fuel coming out of the fpr.

it will start for a few seconds and die (till the fuel in the rail runs out)

i can hear the pump prime on ignition on, now i need to know if the pump actually works after startup. will check later and do an update
2013-12-10 00:40:56
Sounds like pump cutting off. Or it's not supplying enough fuel.
2013-12-10 00:42:30
thats my guess. fuel pump probably isn't getting power or the signal when the key is in the ON position.
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