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Thread: Basic weight reduction in VE powered B13 (some pics)

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2014-03-18 23:11:40
^ my friend flew to Burlington, VT from Chicago to get his nx2000, then he bought a house and sold it to a friend of his who loves that thing... but it was a t-Top so I had no interest... I'd want a hardtop so it can get caged and be a track rat
2014-03-19 01:39:12
Ah I forgot about that the T-tops effecting competitive racing. How do the Miata guys do it? They all get hardtops? I know SCCA has Spec Miata
2014-03-19 01:48:56
NASA has the same hardtop rules for spec miata... and yes, our 3rd spec miata has a stock miata hardtop as per rules require
2014-03-20 01:55:11
Gotcha. Did you get SCCAs latest mag? Cover story is "How the Miata changed the SCCA"

pretty good stuff.

ive had 1 Miata, a red 1990. My brother and I bought it to share for auto-xing. drove home great but after about 2 days had major issues with the crank and we ended up selling it. got it w/ a hardtop for 2500. sold the hardtop for 1,000, sold the car for 2,000. lol. it was fun the whole 2 weeks we had it. I have pics somewhere.
2014-04-12 10:36:29
Ok so I found another tiny bit of weight. A total of about, ehh, 1 pound at most. Lol. But it takes 2 minutes to do, just pull the panel out and they pull right off.

basically, behind each of the rear panels below the rear windows (in the 2 doors) are patches of foam/carpeting style sound deadening stuff. I removed my panels to clean them and behind them and found this on each one. Here is a quick photo I took right before I removed the stuff.

Again it barely weighs a pound though.
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2014-05-08 02:35:59
Update on some more stuff:

The front bumper itself weighs only 15lbs. The rear weighs 24~ish lbs. I pulled them just to weigh while I was replacing a bunch of stuff anyway. so you can lose 38-40 pounds total by pulling them but nothing is protecting your motor (or you) after and I don't know how easy it would be to attach the front bumper cover.

So yeah, not worth it and dumb, but had them off anyway so I weighed them. I supposed with a 12-14lb carbon fiber hood and removing those should you'd shed about 70lbs total.
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2014-05-08 08:38:53
Just weighed an SR20 A/C with pulley attached and about 6 inches of the line: 12 pounds

Power steering reservoir filled to "max" line with fluid and hardware (those long bolts but no hoses): 2.8 pounds
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2014-05-17 03:03:16
Some unrelated info but related to weight, although for the B14. I just weighed the B14 hood and it weighs 36 pounds.
2014-05-17 19:40:09
**Hey guys, is this or any part in this photo the part aka "brace" you guys were mentioning that can be removed that weighs like 20lbs or something, drivers side of car of course:

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