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Thread: Basic weight reduction in VE powered B13 (some pics)

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2014-03-12 04:33:45
2225, does that include the roll bar? (whats that weigh, 80lbs?) No idea. I may remove the inner door panels too for track events (and that dopey OEM plastic lining at all 2 pounds, ha)
2014-03-12 12:14:49
2225 does indeed include the entire 6point roll cage seen in my pics. I did not weigh the car before and after the cage build nor did I get weight of the cage before install so I can't answer that question on what the exact cage weight is. I would suspect anywhere from 75 to 115 pounds is the typical cage weight. That cage was 1.75" with .095 DOM but the nascar door bars (for added safety) were .125 DOM (so a little heavier) as was the 'x' for the passenger side (just in case a passenger seat would get installed at a later date). Total guesstimate is 100 pounds for the cage though.

What I left out was the little tidbit of removing ALL the stupid sound deading crap (total PITA and did with dry ice and chizzle)... except that stuff added up to only about 6 pounds IIRC (maybe it was less or a little more but for all those hours of work, it wasn't all that much weight as I recall) <-- and we never bothered to remove it from our former G20 and even our 200sx still has it (interestingly enough, our 200sx is 2320 with FULL tank of gas, no driver AND 12 pounds of passenger ballist plus 40 pounds of a cool suit system with water!) <-- we had to run it at 2500 pounds with driver so we struggled to get it up to minimum weight.

EDIT: I should add that the 2225 weight was with 13lb wheels at each corner (now it is sporting 9.9 pound wheels at each corner so it lost more weight) The Steering wheel alone was Longacre 13" aluminum and super light (each little thing adds up) <-- and weight up high is never good obviously (and of course ours never had a sunroof so less weight up top!)
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2014-03-15 02:22:17
Strange. I weighed all the sound deadening tar from my 92 B13 and was up around 50lbs total, that includes all of it, front, rear, and trunk. The front came out in large chunks, some parts in the rear (and especially trunk) were a major pain.

Here's two pics of the trunk w/ removed tar, after I sanded, primered, and painted (had nothing better to do with it this winter - no it doesn't match really (I'm mostly colorblind) but the carpet is on it most of the time anyway w/ the spare)


Sorry for flip-phone cell phone pics lol
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2014-03-15 21:50:23
^ could be because so much of it went to powder when removing it in my case (didn't bother to box up and weigh the powder pieces but it makes me feel a little better if it was truly 50 pounds for that 4 days of work.. haha)
2014-03-15 22:34:46
Yep I weighed it on a scale, half was like 20lbs, all of it, 46lbs including every bit of it. The car didn't get any louder either, considering I have a 3" exhaust to straight thru muffler, cant hear anything anyway
2014-03-17 05:07:03
Yes, our B13 was amazingly quiet as well.. go figure
2014-03-17 06:54:24
Wish mine was! 5th gear at 60-70MPH on the highway, oh man. Earplug time.
2014-03-18 00:40:59
There is a bunch of weight on the firewall in sound deadening, but I noticed a lot more noise from the engine when I took it out.

You guys should find old threads on the other forum by a guy from tampa with the name SMOOTHDADDYFIG
2014-03-18 01:08:11
I kinda doubt I'll ever go down the road of another B13 build.... but I've also learned to never say never... lol

..I've joked about how the only other b13 I'd want to own is a hardtop egg so we'll see... we shall see
2014-03-18 22:21:07
I want an egg.. but a T-Top. So much fun in those cruising around in the summer with the tops off. Looking for a 93 NX2000 t-tops 5 speed for years. never found one.
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