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Thread: Basic weight reduction in VE powered B13 (some pics)

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2014-03-04 13:26:07
^ Yup already got it all out. I posted it like 5 posts down from that one you quoted, I also posted my weight of car at a local scrap yard in another post down. And off that I got another 42lbs out and since then I have lost another 20lbs with some other things pulled.

I am now looking into removing the power steering stuff, the sunroof shade and getting a gspec crank pulley. That all should hopefully be another 20+ lbs.
2014-03-07 03:27:29
Awesome, when you get the power steering stuff out can you weigh it and let us know how much it is actually total?

I ike the way the car handles without the power-steering better over like 15mph but under that especially in parking lots, ehh, kinda a pain but not too bad. I have the G-Spec power steering idler, not sure if Greg still sells it though I just checked the website
2014-03-07 13:50:51
Ditch the gspec idler for power steering and just run a short belt.less weight.
2014-03-09 12:12:19
Okay, pulled everything out yesterday. Havent got a chance to drive it yet, but started up and had no problems.

This box here weighed in at about 13lbs. Used a 25.25" belt from napa for water pump, fit great, nice and tight.

Also pulled this lil bracket. It is right behind the ps pump, goes from intake manifold down to above the axle somewhere. Looks like a brace of some sort, anyone think this should stay in, for support of axle area or something??
2014-03-10 06:03:03
Is attached to anything being used?
2014-03-10 11:53:52
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Is attached to anything being used?

Nope, just had those 2 bolts, they bolted to the block right above the pass axle, then ran up to the intake man, and bolted down with a small 10mm bolt. I would assume by the size of the puny bolts, it is not to support much of anything. Prob good for a pound, maybe, lol.

Anyway, if my math is correct, my b14 should be down to 2250 without me in car.
2014-03-10 12:36:03
Our Former b13 race car also had the heater core completely removed (less water in the system thus less weight) along with all the A/C lines completely removed and then the firewall holes filled (welded shut) to look like factory as if it never came with A/C EVER (no more plastic plugs or exposed holes). All the tubing under the dash removed as well (it all does add up). Driver's door gutted completely since NASCAR door bars were there for protection instead. Passenger door gutted completely as well (had to make special window hangers to keep windows in the car for sitting in rain/outside) Then of course the Wiper fluid system was completely gone as well (unnecessary weight).. wipers still there, just no longer any ability to spritz is all.. lol... oh and then of course the lightest steering wheel we could find and now I'm told it is sporting 15x7 9.9lb RPF1 wheels as well (new owner purchased them).

..and in case anyone was wondering how we tackled having a window in place for transit or street driving (along with interior door handle):

...light steering wheel here:

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2014-03-10 16:19:31
^ That's dedication. I, and I think @Storm88000 are trying to keep cars relatively stock looking. But the a/c hole delete looks oem, your right.

I did gut the stock steering wheel though.
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2014-03-10 23:30:30
Awesome. Do you have an approx. weight for the car right now total?
2014-03-11 00:29:52
Ours was 2225 with no one in it and a little over 1/2 a tank of gas.

...but the firewall plugging was a 1 time deal (I would not spend all those days doing that again.. cutting out metal circles, tack welding it in and then fully welding and sanding.... end result turned out great but it was 1 of those projects that sounded great in theory, but in reality, was a good 5 days wasted I'll never get back (live and learn, right?)
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