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Thread: Basic weight reduction in VE powered B13 (some pics)

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2013-10-14 03:31:35
I was just changing the oil and decided to remove the windshield washer fluid reservoir, it had a small leak so I had to take it out eventually to figure out where it was coming from. Did not have to remove the bumper.

For anyone who wants to do this you need to remove the 1-2 plastic screws holding the shroud under it- then there are three 10mm bolts holding the reservoir in place. Mine were loose enough to use a small Phillips head screwdriver, but they weren't rusty, you may need to use a socket.. maybe spray them with WD-40 a few minutes before. After that, there are 2 other attachments, 1 is the hose for the fluid, the other is the electrical socket piece. Unplug these (make sure your reservoir is empty or close to it or the stuff will spill out everywhere).

After that you need to pull off the top tubing piece that attaches to the rest of the reservoir, kind of around where the elbow bend is because the top of it won't fit thru the stock hole. I then used a couple of zipties to secure the tubing and wiring harness to some other wires in the area.

This whole assembly only weighs 3lbs empty, so unless you have a leak or something with yours like I do, it's probably not worth the hassle, unless you have the bumper off already.

P.S. yes your windshield wipers still work with the electrical part disconnected. I know on some cars if the reservoir fails the wipers are inoperable.
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2013-10-14 05:46:02
Another update:

1) No power steering
2) No rear spoiler
3) No A/C
4) No sunroof
5) No seats or seatbelts (besides driver)
6) No spare tire/jack/tools
7) No trunk carpeting, wooden piece, side trim pieces etc.
8) Removed all floormats
9) Removed roof handles (about 2lbs for all 3 w/ 6 screws/washers)
10) 95 percent of all tar removed under the carpeting and that thick carpet stuff glued underneath (about 36lbs total)
11) Removed windshield washer reservoir (a whole 2-3 lbs, ha)
12) Front of glove box (2lbs)
13) Will remove the cone filter at the end of my CAI (3lbs)
14) Removed ash trays

Have not touched the door panels, rear speaker panel, or dashboard.

I was also thinking about temporarily removing both front and rear strut tower bars. They must weigh at least 30 pounds together. Does anyone have any input on if this is worth it, or i should leave them (or 1 of them) installed to help with my launches? I have no idea. Since I'll be putting the front K-Sports at 0 and the rears at 36 (highest) - does it make sense to remove at least the front strut tower bar?
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2013-10-14 23:23:01
In semi-related news, I just kept up with a new Audi S8 T (something like 500hp turbo charged V8) but weighs like 5,800lbs. 4 door sedan, Found lots of info, but fastest review was by Edmunds who said it ran a 11.8 in the quarter mile. All have 8 speed tiptronic auto trans. Dude left a patch so I know he was on it, he gave me a thumbs up after. $112,000 car and the '92 Sentra kept up pretty well (by well, I mean I was about 2 school buses behind him at 60MPH, lol). I guess that makes sense, my car ran 13.4 @ 106 before this "diet" it's on, his car runs 11.8-12.2 @ 118-120MPH according to the reviews. Beautiful car, but $112k?? I'll take a Nissan GT-R, please. In black. For $22,000 less.
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2013-10-16 15:30:14
Okay, just got on the scales. This was after a lot of things removed and about a quarter tank of gas.

2320lbs without me in it. I think that is pretty darn good for a b14 that doesn't look like anything major was removed.

I figured I can get prob another 50 off of that with the back seats, the reclining part anyway, rear speakers, oh shit handles, visors, and glove box. I am also going to look into gutting rear bumper if I can, and still be pretty safe anyway.

What you guys think? I was expecting to be still around 2500 or so, so I am happy for now. At least I have a base, so can fine tune as more things come off.
2013-10-16 19:16:06
It's hard to get really light without sacrificing some things. Especially if you still want it to look nice lol. The main thing to remember is 16 ounces= 1lbs. Even the smaller things you can remove add up, and will get you where you want.

Don't bash me for posting in the VE section! I'll leave right away!
2013-10-17 16:07:32
Car just lost another 42lbs. This was all from removing the rear speakers (blown anyway), rear upper seats (part that reclines up and down) + hardware, the metal brace behind those seats in a b14, oh-sh*t handles and the rear lower panels( they snap in and out easy and weight almost 5lbs).

I should now be down to 2278 total with quarter tank. I know I can get some more out in a couple places, lol. This is fun, and car will still look stock. By stock, I mean some of these things will only come out for a track day, like all backseats, pass seat and lower rear panels.
2013-10-17 16:50:15
You are on crack if you think the rear seat weighs 10lbs.
2013-10-17 17:00:42
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
You are on crack if you think the rear seat weighs 10lbs.

I weighed them my self, the upper parts that recline weight 25lbs with hardware, the bottom bench weighed like 10lbs. This is in a b14.
2013-10-18 12:03:51
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
You are on crack if you think the rear seat weighs 10lbs.

What are you saying, it's heavier or lighter? I made this thread about my B13 but he has a B14. I've had two different B14's and from what I remember they were heavier than the B13.
2013-10-18 12:07:13
Originally Posted by blckse-r
Okay, just got on the scales. This was after a lot of things removed and about a quarter tank of gas.

2320lbs without me in it.

For a B14 that's good. And you have power windows, power steering, power locks, cruise, sunroof etc?

For my B13, the only things left besides messing with the dash is the inner door panels but I just KNOW I will break another one of the window handles. Everytime I take them off (for a speaker upgrade or something) one breaks and back to the junkyard I go.

I wonder if it's possible to remove those heavy bars from behind the panels without completely removing the panels. I may give it a try.
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