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Thread: Water/Meth kit on a VE

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2013-10-06 20:08:24
Water/Meth kit on a VE
What ebinkerd said, there's a low level indicator led connected to a low level switch mounted in the reservoir.

It all depends on how yours is set up to know how long the reservoir lasts, I definitely need a bigger reservoir cause mine is set up to start spraying once I hit 3000rpm and progressively greater towards WOT.

I buy VP 100% methanol and mix with distilled water one to one ratio.
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2013-10-10 02:39:09
Probably better to run it when VVL kicks in at WOT and progressively from there to save some.
2013-12-13 06:44:23
results? bump
2013-12-14 00:49:10
windshiled washer fluid works too for them budget guys
2013-12-14 22:15:35
Any known problems so far?
It's a great idea. This would suit a ve+t build

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2013-12-15 01:11:05
Water/Meth kit on a VE
Originally Posted by morgans432
windshiled washer fluid works too for them budget guys

That is bad advice, I mean no disrespect. So many washer fluids have detergents in it. Most are also not 50/50.
2013-12-17 21:05:07
Water/Meth kit on a VE
Originally Posted by gtswrx
results? bump

Not much of an update, systems works as it should, today I downgraded from the 100 milliliter per minute to the 60 milliliter per minute nozzle, had to buy it as the kit only came with 100, 175, 375 ml/min.

The 100ml/min nozzle is recommended for motors producing 250-350HP, way more than what my motor's doing.
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