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Thread: Water/Meth kit on a VE

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2013-09-25 01:38:59
Water/Meth kit on a VE
Has anyone here done this before?
I just had one installed on my built VE and the kit is worth every penny, it totally eliminated detonation (shitty local pump gas), engine revs up smoother.
When I get a chance to go to the dyno I'll post the before and after numbers.

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2013-09-25 06:49:34
Post pics bro.....Might do this to cool things down in this hot ass desert especially racing on the road course.
2013-09-25 14:06:52
Is this the kit that activates through TPS? I always thought about it but never pulled the trigger.
2013-09-25 14:23:50
I currently have the basic devilsown in my car running(turbo).intake runners get cool to the touch after a pass.
What failsafe are people using?
I'm looking at the aem 30-3020.
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2013-09-25 15:06:50
aem one is very nice have to watch out for the meth dripping into the maf on some occasions
2013-09-25 15:46:04
AEM units only work off of boost pressure so it's not applicable to N/A motors.

Snow Performance make several kits for N/A applications, I'm using the stage 2 Boost Cooler, the name implies turbo but it's for N/A.

This particular kit uses RPM signal and intake vacuum, and has progressive spray, so you can set the activation start point at a specific RPM and make the spray progressively greater at 0 bar vacuum/WOT.
2013-09-25 15:52:08
Nice. Anxious to see if it helps on the dyno. Good luck!
2013-09-25 15:53:55
Will do ASAP, there is a kit that works off TPS and MAF voltage I believe but don't think that they are progressive.
2013-09-26 02:08:56
Whats your compression? Yakuza?
2013-09-26 08:00:51
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