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Thread: how to use n1 cams on 20v

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2013-07-05 02:24:22
Originally Posted by yakuza
Originally Posted by pTen
Originally Posted by yakuza
Originally Posted by pTen
You don't need to change anything.

IF you want to run adjustable cam gears then you will need to change the chain and the bottom crank gear. The 20v Pump is better IMO as they front cover is built better (has more veins on it which helps it hold together with the revs). The Tensioner is the same.

You will have to get the crank gear and collar for a 16/20ve, the 20V gear is made on to the collar.
The 20V/VET tensioner has finer teeth so that means smaller increments of adjustment.

The tensioners are the same. I have both VET engines and VE engines and they are identical.

Infact, it was only the older DE ones that DIDN'T have the finer teeth. If you were to buy new, de,det,ve or vet they are all identical

I have ordered a new VE tensioner and compared it to the one off a VET, and the VET has finer teeth.

I'd post comparison pics, but they have been installed already.

I see where you got the finer tensioner. I'll retract my statement about them all being identical


its the DET one is finer, not the ve/vet

Part number 13070-1N504 is the latest SR20VE Tensioner.
Part number 13070-2J203 is the latest SR20DE/DET tensioner

Look at the picture below. First one is a used SR20VET tensioner. 2nd is Brand new SR20VE/SR16VE (13070-1N504) , 3rd is Brand new SR20DET (13070-2J203)

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