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Thread: 16v VS 20v valve cover?

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2013-06-20 01:01:55
16v VS 20v valve cover?
What's the difference? I'm sourcing one for my DET powered b13 to utilize the "built in" oil separator in order to delete the ugly black box (catch can) from under my hood. Not only is it ugly and all but I had to relocate mine in a rather unorthodox location due to unplanned external wastegate placement.

I hear the 20ve is "better," how and why? Will the 16ve do just as good a job?

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2013-06-20 16:32:54
Never mind. Gathered all the info I was looking for VIA pm with someone. I can see nobody responded anyway :-/

Mods can delete this thread altogether unless someone wants to fully explain the question should someone ever search this particular question.
2013-06-20 17:04:59
Just for search reasons...

The following valve covers have built in oil separators, aka don't need the black boxes infront of the engine.
SR20DE Roller Rocker
SR20VE 20v

Any FWD valve cover BUT roller rocker one, can bolt onto DE's and VE's.

Any FWD valve cover can bolt onto SR20DE Roller Rocker. Roller Rocker valve cover can only be used on roller rockers this is because roller rockers don't have cam squirters thus Roller Rocker valve covers have baffles that sit lower.

Main difference between SR20VE/SR16VE and SR20VE 20v/SR20VET: Valve cover changed designs and 20VE/VET run COP stock, thus you have threads to bolt up coil on plugs.
2013-06-20 17:41:13
RR valve covers do not bolt on to a VE. The splash shield is 1/8-1/4" lower and does not clear the valve train.

Any valve cover listed above will function the same.
2013-06-20 21:05:01
Better late than never...I'm working on my patience skills ;-D

Thanks guys!
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