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Thread: VVL: how it works

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2013-12-09 20:16:27
The lost most spring pushes the middle rocker arm against the big cam lobe. The middle rocker arm should always be in contact with the cam lobe. There should be no clearance between the middle rocker arm and the cam lobe. If there was a clearance, it would make a big racket and noise when the cam lobe slap it because of the clearance. The big lobe will not take over if the lost most spring was collapsed or stucked. If this happen for one of the rockerarm, it would only affect that cylinder.

So, I'm not sure what you mean when you say, "The middle rocker arm wasn't pushed against the rocker."
2013-12-11 10:45:13
The middle rocker was not in contact with the cam lobe, not at all. The spring was stuck in it's inner position, we replaced the spring so that solved the problem. We never heard any rattling sounds or whatsoever, so we didn't notice it. I was just curious if the big lobe would take over with the spring being stuck. That would mean that we had a bit less power during this problem, since we use it as a race engine we don like that :-)
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