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Thread: Intake manifold options

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2015-09-15 13:38:55
That site is blocked too, but apparently I can use Google's reverse image look-up to see a low quality thumbnail at least.

I would think a properly sized slot cut in the tube would be enough to avoid needing baffles. Is the tube cut already? If so, I think cutting a huge hole basically defeats the purpose.
There should be a narrow, long slot down the tube instead of a large hole. Maybe put some tiny baffles on the exit of the slot to make the flow laminar.
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2015-09-17 21:29:35
Whatever that thing from "serz" is clearly displays a lot of dead areas where air will not flow and that will harm the effectiveness of that intake.
2015-09-18 13:19:15
Originally Posted by Kyle
Whatever that thing from "serz" is clearly displays a lot of dead areas where air will not flow and that will harm the effectiveness of that intake.

He's boosted so I think it works for him. Slot may be a bit big though yes. The pics are also in this thread where he posted them: http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/77987-vvl-intakes-real-life-learnings.html

My intake looks like it's gonna end up much more vanilla after all. As usual space dictates all. The carbon curved runners came out nicely though. Then I chopped them up...

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2015-09-18 20:30:30
Air cannot flow in sharp corners, period.
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2015-12-30 10:50:26
thought i'd share some results i've done with "PIPEMAX 3.98", which is a header/intake design software program used by a few guys out there.

the first two are simulations for a stock p11 sr20ve with n1 cams (8000 and 8500rpm max hp rpm points)

next are two for an p11 sr20ve with 184c kelford cams. again 8000 and 8500 rpm points. i have increased the volumetric efficiency slightly, as most will have engine mods reflecting this.

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2016-07-24 09:55:54
just expanding on a few of these figures here, which i revised to better suit real camshaft durations at 0.05'. things of note..

There is 4.75 inches of air travel within a ve head. its been documented some time ago, and remeasured recently.

Given that, with most setups, the 3rd harmonic hits at around the 5.5-7 inch mark, with about 2.3 - 2.5 sq in's of flow needed. To be, that explains why the (ported) sr20ve lower runner xcessive setup is so popular at the cheap end of the price scale.

Once the motor gets more efficient (port work,headers/exhaust), or the higher it makes its peak power, the more airflow it needs. the middle of the factory runners just wont hack it. comparison of stock to gato

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2017-11-06 05:54:43
plazmaman sr20ve intake.

2017-11-06 06:01:08
efi hardware's new 52mm (size adjusted) rectangular itb's.

2017-11-06 06:29:57
gato's new rhd sr20ve intake manifold (5.5inch runners, higher runner angle, curved plenum to clear the rhs brake booster.)

2017-11-12 01:56:51

some photos i got when i visited them recently. variety of different combo's available, and most importantly they WILL fit a fwd platform. the 1st and 2nd photo shows the setup needed to run a filter with them. lengths from 5 to 9 inches are available, with the equivalent of a 52mm t/b. 12 degree upward angle on the runners.

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