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Thread: Going to dyno Wednesday. Any estimates on peak HP?

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2013-01-30 04:03:31
Originally Posted by niZmo
Not so sure how you will be able to determine which is better given that on most dynos you will have fan blowing air onto motor anyways.


Close the hood and problem solved.
2013-01-30 20:58:12
Ok, I am home and have a couple things to say before I post the numbers.

1) It was a Mustang Dynamometer (it literally says Mustang Dynamometer on the top of each sheet)

2) The guy didn't listen to me and wouldn't go past 8000rpm

3) There was no fan in front of the car air blowing over it

4) And the owner didn't know what variable valve timing was. I.E. - "why does it get so much louder at like 5000rpm" I was asked.

5) It was humid as crap today

6) My coolant fans aren't working and the car kept overheating

7) Although this guy was very nice, he clearly only works on RWD domestics. There were 4 or 5 mustangs up on lifts in the shops. I need to go to another dyno

8) he put into his software program that the car weighs 2875 lbs.. Did not actually weigh it just looked it up on his computer

I will post the numbers in a bit. Yes I am setting this up to be a bit disappointing. Also, I don't know if this is true, but the guy said if I took the car to a different kind of dynojet it should put down 15-20 more HP.

Digest that while I go find the papers, all I have is max numbers at what RPM. Charts tomorrow.
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2013-01-30 21:10:18
1. Mustang dyno reads higher than the dyno the car made 206 on.

2.The car will peak way before 8000rpm with that setup. No sense to go higher.

3. Unless the car was above operating temp, the fans will no affect power output.

4. Sounds like an idiot.

5. As long as the weather station is accurate, the dyno will correct for those conditions.

6. Car should not have been on dyno if that was the case.
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2013-01-30 21:13:38
after the operator being clueless, id find another place to go.
2013-01-30 21:16:54
Here's some photos:




Another thing. There was no real difference between the CAI or WAI but then again there was no air blowing over the engine, and the hood was open the whole time because it was burning up after the 2nd or 3rd run.

OH and this is hilarious. So I have the VVL set via MSD window box at 5200rpm. He told me to lower it to 3200rpm, for one run. It showed more torque down low but was ridiculously sucky at actually driving it. I drove it a few miles and VVL kicked in on the highway at 60mph in 5th gear, pulled over and reset it to 5200rpm. OMG.
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2013-01-30 21:35:17
Ok I know you are all sitting on the edges of your seats, waiting.. hoping.. haha. jk.

The very first run, when the car was coolest, was the highest number. After that the numbers dropped a few here or there.

Here's the best number I got, very first run, VVL activation at 5200RPM:

MAX POWER: 195.7 HP @ 7834 RPM
MAX TORQUE: 133.9 @ 7108 RPM

So, yes, disappointed. It feels much faster than that..
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2013-01-30 21:36:03
So you adjusted the rpm on the msd based on him, who didn't know anything about the motors?

You're in eastern PA? How far are you from JK Tuning?
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2013-01-30 21:39:04
Originally Posted by mirrortints
So you adjusted the rpm on the msd based on him, who didn't know anything about the motors?

I did it for 1 run just for the hell of it, yes. Although I said its at that point for a reason. It did show a slight torque improvement way down low, but other than that horrible. I meant to put it back up to 5200 before I left for home but I forgot and did it after a few miles.
2013-01-30 21:47:55
Alright here are my tips for dyno time. 1) always meet the person running the dyno and check out the facility first 2) always use the same dyno 3) Always get the run files. I have been known to show up with my own thermo humidigraph to verify the shop is using the correct data and their equipment is functioning properly. I will always ask how often the dyno is calibrated and how often the wide band is calibrated. I have a shop that is less than 2 miles from my house that I will not use because they failed to answer my questions correctly. Did not care how many pimped out 240's were in front. I took my car to the honda guy with the correct answers. Always keep in mind that the shop will not be held responsible for breaking or blowin shit up. I had a similar experience back in the day with a muscle car shop. I would not recommend them to any one due to the conditions at the shop. they also managed to slice the side wall on one of my tires with a tie down strap.
2013-01-30 21:50:25
i believe you'll want to set your switch points a few hundred rpm before the whp starts dropping off. use your charts to determine.
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