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Thread: Going to dyno Wednesday. Any estimates on peak HP?

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2013-02-08 01:44:04
I'm back with new numbers.

And much happier, although I need to do more tuning. This was on a dynojet. VVL activation lowered to 5000RPM, it was 5200RPM before. No changes other than that, and not being on a mustang dyno.

Recall last week it ran 195hp, 133torque on the Mustang dyno.

Tonight I got:

206 HP @ 7920 RPM
148 torque @ 6675 RPM

So it matches what the engine made previously, although it was a different dyno, except I made 4-5ft lbs more in torque. The previous highest run was done with the stock pulleys, I have the G-spec crank & water pump on now. Perhaps the gain is from them, perhaps not. Hard, almost impossible to tell.

The run with the highest numbers was in 4th gear. 3rd gear runs were actually lower, 199, 202 etc.

Another interesting thing to notice is the motor made its best of 133ft lbs of torque @ 7108 RPM on the mustang dyno, but made 148 ft lbs torque @ 6675 RPM tonight, a 430+ RPM difference between the two, and of course a 15ft lb difference between the numbers.

So a bunch of you were REALLY close in your predictions, so good job I think someone even said 205hp.

Glad I found a seemingly more reliable dyno this time. I'm going to mess with the WAI/CAI setup and VVL activation point and then return to the same dyno in a few weeks to see if I get a difference.
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2013-02-08 02:10:15
Was it SAE? or STD. good numbers.
2013-02-08 03:43:19
Here's a video we took of the best run:

2013-02-08 11:54:35
Going to dyno Wednesday. Any estimates on peak HP?
Glad your back on track!

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2013-02-08 14:25:13
what was ur numbers before the mustang again?
2013-02-08 18:46:35
it was 206 and 144 before
2013-02-08 19:24:13
SAE or STD? STD reads higher numbers on a Dynojet
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2013-02-08 20:34:06
Originally Posted by blusteelsr20
SAE or STD? STD reads higher numbers on a Dynojet

It all depends on conditions that day.if the conditions are worse then that of the sae factors then yes, corrected numbers would yield a higher number. But if conditions are even better then sae factors then std will actually read higher numbers....
2013-02-08 21:38:03
Looks like STD. it says on it Run Conditions: 54.85 F, 30.00 in-Hg, Humidity 15% STD: 0.98

unless that means something else
2013-02-08 22:57:53
Oh so I am going to this same dyno again next week but bringing my B14. Just the original DE in it, 186k on it. Anyone wanna take a crack at a guess? Here are the mods:

Custom cold air intake
OBX 4-2-1 header
Tomei 270 degree cams
JWT ECU POP program w/ S3-S4 cam program
3" exhaust to Dynomax muffler. Does have a cat
G-Spec underdrive crank pulley
Timing @ 19
Exedy stage 1 clutch

The motor runs strong but not all that fast. I'm guessing 155 @ wheels
Remember, it's just the original SR20DE in it, no VE. Didn't feel like making a new thread but maybe I will in the all motor section later this week.
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