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Thread: Maxima CAS

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2014-06-24 20:15:47
get one of the chrome/cnc ones off ebay... got mine for 30bux (think it was on sale)

ive seen clear ones like those crack with just minor accidents while working in the engine bay.
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2015-02-24 06:18:02
Maxima CAS
so to sum things up a little (to save a few bucks and not wait for 20v CAS backorder) and make sure I don't screw with something for no reason if anyone can confirm or deny for us...

For use of maxima VG30 CAS (with Nissan ECU) in P11 SR20VE head:

-take '92-94 maxima CAS (found remaned for ~$100 shipped)
-flip the CAS engagement pin that goes into the cam.
-install S13 SR20DET CAS trigger wheel or the like
-mill the CAS to fit inside the head/cam cap. My hitachi version measures 36mm and the opening in the head/cap measures 33mm so I'd guessing taking ~3.05mm off or ~0.120" which is a bit more than earlier mentioned 0.100"...so measure measure measure
-modify CAS mounting ear to allow: 1) mounting CAS to head and 2) twisting of CAS enough to adjust mechanical timing when using Nissan ECU.
-add 1/8" spacer that relatively mimics shape of CAS where it meets the head for factory placement specs (or just leave it 1/8" closer than it should be?)

That's what I've taken from this (to fit my RWD DET to VE(t) head swap) so far at least lol.

I'm curious if anyone can confirm it actually functioning on a driving car or are we still in theory (maybe with some new insight)? I don't rememebr Trey mentioning the extra 1/8" spacer so will it work just a little closer than it should be to the cam if there was no spacer present (I haven't machined anything yet)? since the engagement pin moves freely, is there any way that when I install it into the head, can I put it in inverted/incorrectly and need to turn the engagement pin 180*? Seems like the few guys making this thread happen are very likely to be successful so I just wanted to clearify a bit...
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2015-02-27 00:57:01
nice, quality punch and hammer with a friend gets the pin out of the tip to rotate it
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2015-02-27 12:48:33
Ill take a look into this shortly. I am searching for and alternative CAS that I can use on my distributorless conversion.
2015-02-27 16:16:19
Maxima CAS
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2015-02-27 17:59:52
Is that the only dimension that has to be altered for it to fit & work?
2015-02-27 18:03:41
Maxima CAS
that's what needs to be altered to make the CAS physically fit into the space where it engages the cam. the pin on the end of the CAS needs to be flipped too and one of the mounting ears that bolts to the head needs to be modified as well if u want adjustability at the CAS. I haven't milled it down yet, so idk if an 1/8" spacer is the only size that'll work, but that size seems to line up nicely for turbo ser
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2015-02-27 18:19:42
You may just want to look into the Suzuki Esteem CAS. It uses the same sensor as the p12/ rwd sr and a much better housing configuration.
2015-02-27 18:25:03
Maxima CAS
the VG30 electrical connector is the same and the trigger wheel from the s13 DET CAS is a direct fit, but I will look into the Suzuki. thanks
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2015-02-27 18:44:20
Maxima CAS
nice work, it appears to be much of the same problems to solve with both CAS...

I like the copper washer idea, that would possibly take the place of the spacer turbo ser made and be a lot quicker. have u found any o-rings that take up the right space by chance? Might be a little insurance for preventing a leak doing both

My 20V CAS finally came in, but I'm gonna see this through and if it doesn't work out, I'll run the 20V CAS, but hopefully that'll be for sale soon when the maxima one works
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