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Thread: VE with girdle?

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2012-10-26 17:48:44
A stock VE doesn't need a girdle. Doesn't matter if its a SR20VE, or a 16ve n1. They were designed not to have one.

However, once you start doing significant modifications eg, high compression, big cams, high revs, boost etc then installing one is a good idea.
2012-10-26 19:17:13
Originally Posted by Teal97
Originally Posted by SE-Rawkus
I put a girdle & 8 CW crank in my VE block when I built it for boost. I wouldn't go without it. Peace of mind.

Originally Posted by cortrim1
I have a girdle on my ve along with a 8cw crank. I used a set of de upper and lower pans so I did not have to grind the ve pans.

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
8cw crank here, Girdle, and highport de upper and lower pans.

this what i'm talking about. 3 guys, building high tq/rpm ve motors, with the concept of "it can't be built too strong".
to my layman' brain the bottom end seems like a flexi-flyer w/o one.
parasitic hp losses to windage, ehh. it's strength AND longevity i'm after.

thanks guys

You can also also use the teflon crank scraper to help cut down on windage. It still fits with the girdle and 8cw crank. I would not take a ve apart to just do this but if I were building a motor it would be a must.
2012-10-26 20:11:49
440whp here no girdle. I disassembled my last motor due to a cooling issue(long story) and I saw no wear on the bearings.also using a 4counterweight.
If you decide to install a girdle on your motor and use the 4 counterweight crankshaft(revs like hell with one)n/a I think it's better. You will have to grind a little bit off the girdle on both sides of it at main cap #3. You will see how close the counter weights are.
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2012-10-27 00:07:47
built turbo ve block, no girdle on 4ctw crank, 28psi on a 60mm turbo issues so far
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2012-10-27 00:14:47
I don't think its a mandatory for high power. Its just one of those "well the engines apart may as well" upgrades.

Has anyone have a link to anywhere that had problems with an engine because they didn't install a girdle?
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2012-10-27 01:44:38
Daily use without a girdle...N1 cams, fidanza flywheel and 4cw...Had problems with the 4 main bearing....those Ve come with aut. trans., when we put a M.T. ; we "change the story"

I got a Friend with a Stock Ve and a girdle...runs like a normal Ve... he bought the motor 4 years ago and put the girdle...its more for longetivy and strength
The 20v have a girdle?
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2012-10-27 01:48:17
No they dont
2012-10-27 02:09:47
Could have sworn the 20v and VET had girdles and 8cw crank factory.
2012-10-27 02:38:26
I thought it was just the vet?
2012-10-27 02:58:03
20V and VET have a girdle. Come on, fellas!

EDIT: Or Does it not?
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