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Thread: N1 IN SR16EX 20V Cam Mix

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2012-10-25 21:07:12
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
I know my camp swears by N1's at 0'0 because that has yieled up best results on the dyno and track times with our cars. We have been doing our own thing up here and ignoring what everyone else has said.

A good friend of mine on this forum made 190ish whp with a very healthy VE with cam gears at +5 -5. Switched cam gears to 0'0 and it was above 200whp where it should have been. Motor stopped at 214whp which was right on par for the parts it had on it.

Cam gears here @ 0,0 made more peak HP on stock IM but when other than stock comes into account 4,-4 makes a lot of difference on the midrange and peak remains the same @ the track more area under the curve makes cars quicker and lower ET's PROVED!!!! Tested on Dyno with my friend Pito and he's 2.0L its a good example!! 11.8@112 with 226whp Cam gears @ 4,-5
It all comes down to what setting each motor like and what works for ones not necessary works for others!!!
2012-10-25 21:16:57
Good point, it gets easy to forget sometimes that cam timing can be picky and very from car to car just like a timing map can..
2012-10-25 21:24:01
+5/-6 was best on my ole 2 litre w/ typical bolt on's and budget header. (dyno proven only) ymmv
2012-10-26 05:59:52
Exactly. A lot of guys fail to realize every motor is different even if all parts used are identical. Not every car is the same.
2012-10-28 20:41:54
Yes but even with sliding type cam sprockets tuning on a dyno is not a one-hour affair, including fuel and timing tuning, at least two hours are required to try all the possible combinations.
2012-10-29 02:21:35
True. My car was on the dyno for about 8 hours that night trying different variables.
2012-11-03 05:02:14

n1 in
stock ex
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