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Thread: sr16 piston compression test

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2012-10-02 22:37:48
My cam gears are straight up and timing seems to be dead on going off the crank pulley mark a screwdriver in the plug hole and the cam dowel pin positions

I did the test on the motor while it was cold and with the throttle closed would that really make that big of a difference??
2012-10-02 22:41:14
Definitely should be over 300. My buddies 2.2L 12.5:1 build i did broke my 300psi compression tester gauge. lol.

Give the rings more time to seal and break in and the numbers will go up. Get it running right and do a proper break in.
2012-10-02 22:41:34
^^ Yes, cold and throttle closed will make a big difference.

I once tested my stock VE with throttle closed vs fully open and I got a 20 psi variance. It was 20 psi lower with the throttle closed. It also needs to be warmed up (hot) so the rings will seal better.

If you are confident in the cam timing, warm up the engine and re-do the test with the throttle fully open. Also, remove all of the spark plugs prior to testing each cylinder. This will put a lot less strain on your starter.

Edit: It will also be easier to count the compression cylcles (with all of the spark plugs removed) when doing the testing.
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2012-10-02 22:44:02
yep, supposed to be warm and throttle fully open.
2012-10-02 22:55:59
I'll try again tonight
2012-10-04 01:33:06
Yea. Mine broke the tester... So over 300 I guess good enough for me lol.
2012-10-05 00:33:28
timing was off....
2012-10-05 09:55:26
what's it pulling now bud?

2012-10-28 20:18:52
any updates?
2012-10-28 21:15:56
Its maxing out the pressure tester now, and broke my cheaper one....
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