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2012-05-07 01:58:03
where did u get yours from and what else did u have to buy to get it to run i have 95 g20 i wanna put it in
2012-05-07 02:03:01
Got mine from JDM.
2012-05-07 02:08:31
Engine depot, one of the best. stay away from tiger, few others to avoid to.
2012-05-07 02:10:24
roughly how much would i be investing cause i seen the engine for about 7-800 dollars
2012-05-07 02:19:45
VE motor, $1300
MSD rpm Switches $180
Header $600 ( no cheap ass SSAC here)
2 1/2-3" exhaust $300
CAI $200
FPR $60

pulled this from another thread ....is this all i will need
2012-05-07 02:33:23
Ok, here is what you do as a starter setup that will run good.

VE motor-800
MSD 8969-I have one for 105$ shipped
3" exhaust- $200-300
3" warm air intake-50$?
SSAC 2.5" header-100$
Chipped ECU- 150$

Use the DE wiring harness and distributor. You need to cut the bottom leg off the distributor to make it work with the VE head. You'll see why when you get the motor.

Don't need a fuel regulator, use the one that comes on the motor. I would put in a new fuel pump for peace of mind. Obvious stuff like new dizzy cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter, etc. Thats as simple as it gets. I started my VE on my DE ecu and ran it like that until my calum ecu came in.
2012-05-07 03:58:54
From my experience I did it like this on a low end budget.

Clean VE from JEI of Atlanta - $901 tax included
NismoTronic $550
Innovate AFR - $200
N62 maf - $60

I am using the NEMU board to control the VVL solenoids so that $110 for the MSD 8969 went elsewhere.

I already had an Impul Header($150), 3" cat back ($200), Weapon R WAI ($50)

New front main seal, new trans axle seals. Havent changed the Spark Plugs or wires yet but that is on my to do list. need to figure which ones to use. preferrably nissan ones as I have access to them.

Also wired up the VE dizzy to factory highport DE harness.
2012-05-07 04:30:38
VE motor-800 from jdm engine depot but good luck getting one call ahead
MSD 8969-I have one for 105$ shipped
3" exhaust- $200-300
3" warm air intake-50$?
SSAC 2.5" header-100$
Chipped ECU- 150$

I have to agree w this it's pretty much what I got, basic Budget setup that will run fine
2012-05-07 14:25:21
2.5 inch exhaust is fine to unless u plan to eventually turbo. Buddy said mine felt more powerful when he drove it.
2012-05-07 14:35:24
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You're welcome.

Shawn B
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