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Thread: sr20ve 86x86 whats the most whp?

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2012-03-29 14:41:56
I believe around 230whp. But you could make wayy more. No one really seems to go all out with the 2.0
2012-03-29 15:03:42
Mr Sentra Specv 233whp ITB stock bottom end Custom header SR20VE
2012-03-29 15:05:37
250+ nitrous is king!
2012-03-29 15:22:31
sr20ve, stock compression, 86x86, n1 cams - 249whp corrected
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2012-03-29 17:00:25
Ohh yeah after my 2'1 is done next are itbs. 260whp 2.1 yes thank you.

2012-03-29 17:43:15
stratton, by 2.1 you are mentioning the 87x86mm build correct? and just for the threads clarification, a 2.1 build will not need new sleeves.
2012-03-29 17:46:44
I think it's actually a 88mm bore ^^
2012-03-30 12:18:07
this why u gotta love ve's everyone is talking about 230's and up

so sr20ve
12.5:1 cp pistons
manhley h beams rods
8cw crank from sr20de

as for the head

port and polish
i guess use them supertech valves ( my opinion way to big) with 5 angle valve job
supertech valve springs/retainer
bronze guides
new supertech seals
resurface the head maybe mill .020 so i get close to 13.0 cr

custom made header - idk who can make it for me

and spray it on a good tune

just a thought for now but most definitly want to do this

just wondering how much would the head cost me to do cus 2mm and 1mm i believe thats major head work
2012-03-30 14:32:43
88mm bore would be 2.1, 87 is like 2.045 or close to that.

passing the 200whp mark is pretty common with basic parts even on a stock compression VE, It has a lot to do with the tune. A basic ve tune wont cut it. My buddies full bolt on VE, Ported n1 intake and throttle body, pullies, ssac header w/ badly dented secondaries (Id say dented in about 1/2" or more, calum realtime, n1 cams on stock springs and retainers, JWT 8lb flywheel, stock port head not even port matched, SSAC not port matched as well. Started out at 168whp when we went in with just a basic Calum VE n1 tune, after I was finished with it I was at 191 then later put the cams back to 0,0 and eclipsed 200whp and moved the powerband up. Cams were at +5,-5 the first time around.

I could definitely see 220whp with a good 4-1 header, some port match work on the intake and header, and especially with some 12.5:1 pistons in there. I wouldnt see why 215-220 wouldnt be easily attainable.
2012-03-30 14:35:27
And why the hell hasnt nobody completed an 88mm build yet. I know they dont have 12.5:1 88mm pistons off the shelf so the pistons would be a little more costly but still. I dont see why 88mm wouldnt be possible on a stock sleeve block. There is plenty of room to take a mm around the sleeve and still have plenty left.

I think an 88mm build would be a nice simple 2.1 setup that should be able to make 230-240 fairly easy.
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