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Thread: PAR Gear Sets Getting Ready To Be Shipped

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2012-06-10 16:52:18
I thought the main issue with the oe setup was some slop on the main shaft that, when under load, allowed the gears to ride more on the edge of the teeth (or something like that?)

I understand that the stronger dog style and improved ratios will allow more hp to the road but the PAR gearset doesn't have the oe slop issue correct?
2012-06-13 20:24:29
are these being made with the bigger input shaft? or will they work with stock clutches?
2012-06-13 20:28:17
Originally Posted by TheSam
are these being made with the bigger input shaft? or will they work with stock clutches?

Bigger input shafts. All you need is a standard disc made with the larger splines. Mazworx sells thrm.
2012-06-20 19:37:40
What about dog box without synchromesh?
2012-06-20 20:00:05
How does Rocco like his? Made a big difference?
2012-06-20 20:47:04
Everyone is taking their time with this. Both guys are not in a rush. Rocco will get his first then Jamie.
2012-06-20 21:31:40
I'll vouch for how nice these gears are.

A good friend of mine has over 10,000 track/abused miles (road course, not drag strip) and 20,000 street miles (28RS car, so lotsa tire spin) over the course of 8 years on his set (straight cut, non dog engagement). Finally chipped one tooth on a gear, after all that time

...and that's with a 350whp Turbocharged B14.

Great set. Only thing that he ran into is that they've changed (almost) the entire setup around from when they first did it...so getting this setup with the old parts proved to be almost impossible. Never realized you were a dealer either.

With that said, Jim Wolf Technology also sells clutches for them
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2012-06-20 21:49:48
My research into PAR gearstack for the WRX:

PAR gear stacks do not withstand the test of time. Even PAR recommends a stack rebuild at 30~35K miles. Shouldn't be an issue for those that want the stack for racing only. This is for their straight cut stack.

Those that want helical gears that can take more than OE abuse but are not as strong as straight cut gears should choose PAR, or Albins gears.
2012-06-21 00:40:06
Oh I know, I wasn't saying that in a 'oh man wish it lasted longer', more in a 'holy shit look this set works well...I thought it was astounding.

I think to put a mileage limit or suggestion is a bit overzealous, as some things just last, and others don't. I know with the Porsche's some cars just eat them up and others don't, and much of that is in regard to the guy behind the wheel...granted those are full track cars, not so much street.
2012-06-21 10:06:41
I agree with you that the mileage suggestion is a bit shoddy, but I think this is just an average statement based on an accumulation of metrics from teams and individuals using the dog box setups. Of course the driver mod is the most important, but taking as many variables out of the equation as possible and 30~35K miles on the gearbox isn't bad at all for a race only setup.

Hell, in the 3 years I owned my B14 (AND daily driving it for a while), I think I put around 14K miles on it.
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