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Thread: looking for help

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2012-01-12 05:13:34
looking for help
hello guys,
i am ready to purchase 2 or 3 ve's, and was wondering where is the best and most inexpensive place to buy them. any imput would be great.
2012-01-12 05:24:07
i get mine from jersey, but im in the tristate so...

ask around in fl where the fl guys get theres from.

i know miko sells motors that he personally looks over.

2012-01-12 05:28:27
miko? best way to contact him? and if anyone wonders why i need 3, one for my neighbor fred for his 4 door, one for my 4 door, and one for my girls 4 door. and what is a good price for a ve?
2012-01-12 05:35:08
look him up on hes on the boards.

andreasmiko is his handle just throw it in the search bar.

2012-01-12 05:42:33
i shot him a message. thank you. also, if you had to choose between an nx trans and an ser trans for a ve, which would you pick?
2012-01-12 05:46:33
they are exactly the same, so it wouldnt make a bit of difference.

if you have the oppurtunity to pick up a 16ve tranny i would. its much better then a de tranny gear wise, it has a better final drive and shorter first and second better suited for an all motor car. i like driving mine, the gears are nice and tight.

2012-01-12 05:47:47
Originally Posted by ga16eats
and what is a good price for a ve?

a bunch of xe's going ve?
$900> shipped anywhere in the lower 48, which is just about 1/2 what they were 6yrs ago
a ve head on a de block is also an option.
2012-01-12 05:47:55
i thought an nx trans has a shorter final drive? im sorry i have so many questions, i am new to nissans.
2012-01-12 05:54:32
i thought about putting the ve head on a det block... and making it n/a. but id rather start with factory nissan reliabilty, then try custom stuff. i also have no problem driving somewhere in fl to get an engine
2012-01-12 18:57:05
I called jdm tech orlando and they said 900 a peice and they only have 2... seems steep to me

he called me back and said he will do 2 of ther for 1600.
worth it?
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