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Thread: Under my VE valve cover (Updated - WTF)

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2011-07-16 20:38:41
Under my VE valve cover (Updated - WTF)
So my SR20VE has a leaky valve cover gasket. I bought a kit from Greg V to replace the VC gasket and the spark plugs gasket as well. This will be my first time removing a VE valve cover and I only removed my RR VC once years ago so I'm pretty new in this area. I can't seem to find anything in searches other than general maintenance and cleaning of sludge info.

My question is this: Other than the general cleaning and checking for scoring on camshafts, is there anything I should look for, or is there anything I might need to adjust while I'm in there? Cam settings, valve lash adjustment?

Also, I have read a ton of differing opinions on using RTV with a new VC gasket. Is there any consensus on this yet? I was just going to put it on the half-moon areas.

I would like to do what I can while I'm in there. I don't want to have to go back in there until I drop in N1's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2011-07-16 22:47:00
I put some on my spark plug seals and the half round bumps. No need for it on the rest except for a few areas to help it stay in place while you fit the VC to the head. Use super black RTV, it's the best. Also, if you take care of your SR, and use good oil you will never have sludge to worry about.
2011-07-17 01:21:41
i have terrible luck with gaskets and seals leaking on me so i always use a little rtv
2011-07-17 05:14:32
use it on the half moons and the corners of the gaskets. (of the cam caps not corners of the valve cover, like the sharp edges) hondabond is the best RTV out there. otherwise use the gray "import" stuff.
2011-07-17 05:27:36
Thanks for the response guys. Ya I have some Ultra Grey RTV and plan it using with the new VC just in case.

But...What else should I look out for regarding the valve train and such. Is there something I should look out for or adjust while I'm in there? Timing chain, cams etc.? Any VE guys out there who can give me an idea of what I should check? Is there something on these SR20VE heads that tends to get out of whack over time?

P.S. I love pictures!
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2011-07-17 05:49:58
FSM says to use a continuous bead of rtv, so thats what I do for the whole vc gasket.
2011-07-17 10:06:53
Originally Posted by mirrortints
FSM says to use a continuous bead of rtv, so thats what I do for the whole vc gasket.

same here..

as for adjusting stuff, no theres nothing to adjust.. just check for cam wear and sludge an what not
2011-07-17 23:55:18
^ Ok cool, thanks. I'm gonna change the Gaskets this week and we will see. I am interested to see what the inside of the VE looks like because I don't really have any info/history on the previous owner and this engine. But a couple of the VC bolts are different so somebody's been in there, that's for sure. Hopefully he took care of it. I'll try and post some pics of the inside and maybe you guys could chime in on what you think.
2011-07-21 03:30:46
So when last we left off I was going to replace my VC gasket and spark plug gasket. Well this evening I decide I would tackle it. So I open it up and this is what I see.....

Looks good so far, all of the valve train components that I can see appear to be in good working order, everything looks nice and clean, cam are nice and smooth, no oil sludge or build-up.

But then I look closely underneath the timing chain and what is that I see..WTF

And what is that you ask?

A Fuc*ing 5" piece of wood. So after the shock has settled in a bit I remove the wood and what do I see underneath?

A half of a plastic zip-tie, you can see it if you look closely.

So for the last 4 months I've been driving around with a block of wood in my head and banging of the timing chain day in and day out. I've had an engine that has run like crap and had a shake in it. I poured tons of money in to it and replaced all sorts of parts. I figured it was running the way it was because of the DE ECU, or the emissions stuff that isn't hooked up or maybe because the timing was off or a vacuum leak. Opening the VC was my next step and what a step it was!!

Obviously somebody forgot to tell me there was a god damned block of wood and 2 zip ties in my engine when they sold it to me. It is unreal the misery this engine has brought me! But hey, I got a VE right!?!
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2011-07-21 03:32:21
Where are my pics? damn I'm a noob!
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