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Thread: VE with stock cams= good daily

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2010-11-23 20:27:47
I honestly never minded the N1's for a daily. I put a few hundred miles on the stock ve cams and didn't sacrifice much upgrading to the N1 cams. I am going to sell my N1's and pick up a set of 184-C's and still daily drive the car.
2010-11-23 20:45:49
Having driven and degreed most of the factory VE camshafts, I would rank them in the following order for low end power.

1. 20V best
2. N1
3. 20VE
4. 16VE

Keep in mind there isn't a large difference between them, we are talking about the lowend after all.

Originally Posted by Viprdude
This thread is really annoying me and I cant do much since we all know I do not even own a VVL powered car.

I guess not one person read the numbers I put up there or the dyno graph that another member put up there.

There is almost no difference, down low, where it would matter for a daily driver, between the two cams. Let's say your switch point is 5200 RPM, you really will not see that more than twice DD'ing like a civil person.

The only difference you will feel is the car will peak earlier and begin to get slower earlier than a car with N1 cams.

The illusion that they are better is masked behind this concept.

It is best to have an exhaust cam larger than the intake cam to promote scavenging. The only VVL cams to do this are SR16VE cams. What goes in, MUST go out. Leaving the gases inside the engine does nothing good, period. It is wasting time, air, energy when you could be making more power.

20v cams were designed around a 6 speed gearbox, remember this.

I don't know why you have such a strong opinion about this subject when you know you have no first hand experience.

I will point out one major contradiction to your statment about the 16VE being the best because of the scavenging. In reality, it's has one smallest low camshafts. The intake is the smallest of all the camshaft. Since scavenging require the intake and exhaust to be open at the same time, how is that possibile when the 16VE has 0*overlap.
2010-11-24 15:52:12
Originally Posted by 5speed

1. 20V best
2. N1
3. 20VE
4. 16VE

Is there an actual quantifiable way to prove better low end power, or is it simply butt dyno that you've come to this list? I mean, since all testing is done through the power range, (forgive my ignorance) does the low end portion just spike sooner than, say, the 16ve cams do? Also, if there is improved low end tq in the 20v (assuming it's even noticible enough to waste the time and money) is there a drawback of reduced gas mileage or high end power or is it just simply improved power low end and same power high?
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