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Thread: Mazworx N/A Header......

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2010-10-07 00:55:10
a big to you guys @ 'THE MAZ'. looks promising indeed.
to all the low hanging naysayers...if you're unwilling to change your driving habits (pay attention!) just a little bit, or raise the suspension of your 'far too lowered to handle well super-duper sports car', you should pass on any 4-1 i've seen made so far. hell, if you think the budget sits too low...DRIVE A FRIGGIN' JEEP!
2010-10-07 01:18:48
Teal I think it's called "hella Flush"
2010-10-07 02:04:30
Teal i have hypercoils and shortened koni's and I'm a bit worried.. but will probably still go with it... the roads in Tulsa are TERRIBLE.. it has more to do with the roads here and less to do with their product..
2010-10-07 03:02:09
i wonder what doing something like this would do to power? the attempt is to bring the primaries closer to the bottom of the motor and avoid the need for a skidplate.

but instead of a "gap" between the two on the left and two on the right, have all four side by side with a collector that starts oblong and turns into a 2.5" or 3" main pipe.
2010-10-07 03:26:35
like this:

you get the idea.. i am not photoshop guru.. but I would pay $900 for a 4-1 like this.. I do not know if there is enough room from left to right under the engine for it though..
2010-10-07 03:30:35
I am pretty sure there is not enough room vqman.
2010-10-07 03:50:07
I am also being told that to get the correct scavenging effct you can't go:

oooo to O

you have to do it like they did:

88 to O

if you know what I mean..
2010-10-07 04:00:42
yep, I know exactly what you mean.
2010-10-07 04:19:08
I've been drooling over this header! Very nice work guys. However, I just can't get over how low it hangs. Yeah, yeah, change the way I drive... Not always an option. Today I bottomed my wifes Elantra GT. I hit a dip in the road that wasn't there a few weeks ago. 6 hours later on the way home they had a crew filling it. The car is fine however it doesn't have a low hanging header... I'll wait for tne gen 2 version.
2010-10-07 04:32:42
if only oooo to O were possible...
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