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Thread: VVL powered.......

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2010-08-27 15:55:36

^Firewall in the way? NO PROBLEM O_o.
2010-08-27 15:58:08
Originally Posted by blackwater32

Looks to be quite loosely based on the SR20VE. Block and internals might be similar, but it looks like that head is a pretty big departure.

Sucks they have to deal with a 26mm restrictor.
2010-08-27 16:32:52
Originally Posted by blackwater32

That valve cover...
2010-08-28 07:03:38
Really nice design indeed. Could even be a special head....
2010-09-09 00:29:40
The word is it was made by Tomei Engine and not Tomei Powered... sister companies in Japan but I guess Tomei Engine is no longer and only Tomei Powered exists.
2010-09-09 01:35:06
wonder what its revvin to?
2010-09-10 01:20:53
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
wonder what its revvin to?

it probably idles high
2010-09-10 02:21:07
no not idle im talking about revving redlining, i know the honda f1's rev to like 18,000rpm, just wondered what this one was capable of
2010-09-10 03:21:36
Yeah but if internls have to be based on stock probably not that hight at all. The f1 motors are like 2.4 liter v8s or something like that. And like 400hp
2010-09-10 15:17:13
true, figured since it was loosley based it might rev high but you are prolly right
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