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Thread: sr20ve swap questions

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2010-07-25 21:50:43
he would rather drive his 16ve se-r anyday of the week over his turbo nx.. he makes his wife drive that hehhe

/end thread jack
2010-07-25 23:50:11
what about if i put in the 4 speed auto from the b14? will the harness work then?
2010-07-26 00:04:13
Originally Posted by sr20gxe
what about if i put in the 4 speed auto from the b14? will the harness work then?

You really need a profesional to help you with this.

Your B14 came with a GA16 motor so the trans is not going to mate to the SR20 motor.
2010-07-26 00:12:29
i have a master tech thats helping me and i would be using the 4 speed from the b14 with the sr20
2010-07-26 00:15:43
i dont know why anyone would attempt this an not do all the research beforehand.. especialy a b14 ga auto to sr 5 spd lol so many swaps all in 1..

im not tryin to be a jerk just callin it how i see it.. especialy since i've done 3 ve swaps and before i even did my first one i read an read for about 9 months and planned it all out an everything.. i still forgot a few things lol!

but now days i can pretty much get all the stuff i need before even lifting the hood..

step 1. RESEARCH
step 2. if you dont understand.. Search.. if you still cant find it.. ASK..
step 3. buy everything you need. from engine to hose clamps ect.. EVERYTHING u can think of..
step 4. double check everything, then triple check..
step 5. if everythings in order, let the fun begin!

always always research before you buy!
2010-07-26 00:33:21
ok thanks guys, honestly what happened is, i took the sentra to a shop to have it done, two months after they got all the parts in they hadnt even touched it so i pulled out, after all the sentra was my only car then. So i ended up having to buy the parts from them for 2000 which is wayy over priced and now i have a friend thats done these swaps before, i was kinda wondering which ecu is better to use, and since the engine harness on the sr20ve was all there i figured id use that ecu
2010-07-26 00:57:27
sell the b14 an go buy a b13 se-r to start with.. or hell even a 5spd ga b13..

its going to be a huge pain in the ass for you to do this..

but i guess you could go get a g20 or 200sx se-r harness... not sure if you could use that ecu tho since i believe its obd1..

good luck!
2010-07-26 01:15:11
well the 1.6 is already out, and the linkage is in for the 5speed idk if it doesnt run i dont care, ill just send the car to the junkyard, and buy a deville
2010-07-26 01:26:12
Originally Posted by sr20gxe
what about if i put in the 4 speed auto from the b14? will the harness work then?

I don't think you're understanding. The CVT tranny that came in the Primeras was electronically controlled and had a sport shift feature. It has it's on computer that was wired into the main harness. The Primera ECU is OBD1 so it won't work with your harness or any other OBD2 harness. Pick up a B14 SE-R harness or OBD2 P10 harness and ecu (get a Nistune or Calum), and be done with it.
2010-07-26 01:56:26
well i have the usdm ecu and harness for the sr20de, i suppose i can use that, im not worryied about it getting tuned
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