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Thread: Failed Wa state Emissions (PASSED)

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2010-07-16 00:23:46
ty guys
2010-07-16 00:44:01
2010-07-16 23:32:50
man my car hates runnin like that.. sluggish off the line barely wants to crack the tires loose, idle keeps wantin to drop out an stall (silly ol iacv) BLAH!

so i set my timing back to 15ish an my idle to 1000 EXACTLY an ima test her out on the way home.. i did leave the iacv hooked up an i just adjusted the idle via the TB like i have been (since the iacv doesnt work right) an hopefully she'll run like i had her.. either that or ima block that mofo off again hehe :P

i just couldnt take it..
2010-07-17 19:36:29
there's a thread somewhere that shows how to put a 4 wire universal 02 sensor on a b13. I was running with no stock o2, but with a wideband in place. I finally replaced the stock one with the 4 wire universal with the extra ground and it gives me readings EXTREMELY close to what the wideband does. It's within about .1-.2 of the wideband.

I do know that on b13's the stock o2 doesn't really do much either for correction because when i ran without one nothing changed it still ran the same with no AFR change. My car isn't exactly clean though because in MN we don't have emissions testing.
2011-03-02 05:36:17
Originally Posted by 92BoostedSER
If the VE and DET IACV's are the same I got a brand new one on my DET that I am parting out....

still got it?? i need one for my DET
2011-03-02 05:37:57
this threads almost a year old bud, i think you can use a highport one..

i got the gasket needed.
2011-03-02 07:07:45
never hurts to ask tho HAHA
needs to be more g20's in the yards around here
2011-09-29 09:13:19
ok so i had to take the G20 into emissions the other day, 1st time around she failed.. big surprise!

so it did pass the cruise part of the test, Results:

HC (ppm) limit 150 it got 97
CO% limir 1.1 it got 0.65

ok and heres the failed idle test Results:

HC (ppm) limit 220 it got 311
CO% 1.2 it got 2.08

so today i hooked up the wideband an laptop an did some testing, well i found it does the same thing my car was doin when it failed, it would only stay at 14.7 for a short time before going to 13.0 afr..

So i tryed everything i did to my car, nothing was working.. so then i was like what the hell an turned the o2 sensor off in nistune then played with the injector multiplier until i got a idle of 15.3 afr that would slowly creep to 14.7 an stay there and the cruise was 15.0-15.6 afr.

the thing is when u play with the injector multiplier things get out of whack, im sure if i were to floor it the car would go really lean (because i moved the # down which makes things leaner) So i only did this to pass emissions, i will replace the o2 sensor when i can afford it, or just say screw it and tune around it.

OK so sent the gf back to the emissions place, BOOM passed with flyin colors!!!

Cruise Results:

HC (ppm) max 150 it got 21
CO% max 1.1 it got 0.03

Idle Results:

HC (ppm) max 220 it got 42
CO% max 1.2 it got 0.02

So moral over the story is, shoot for 15.0-15.3 idle/cruise afr and you will pass emissions with ease!
2011-10-01 15:24:12
im about to deal with this in a couple of months, what if i dont have a widebad yet? lol drop the timing to 10-5? i will run the cata back idc
2011-10-02 04:24:44
If the car is properly tuned it should pass in OR and WA easily.
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