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Thread: Ve ecu running a de engine

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2010-07-06 12:45:13
Ve ecu running a de engine
I am just curious If I got my b13 ecu programed for Ve if I plugged it back into the car will it run the de engine with no problems so long as it's tuned for the correct injectors and maf.
2010-07-08 01:27:35
2010-07-08 02:01:01
u might have a compression problem, i remember reading its ok for an ECU to be tuned for lower comp and its ok to run a higher or vise versa, otherwise the car will run

somebody correct me if im wrong
2010-07-08 15:42:49
I ran a JWT 9:1 map on my 8.5:1 det for a long time with no issues. From my understanding it makes it run either rich or lean, one of the two and the timing maps are going to be different?
2010-07-08 15:52:13
Wrong compression ratio, wrong injectors, wrong MAF (depending on what you are using).

It will run it, just not to the best of its ability.
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