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Thread: quad throttle sr20v, sr20ve intake manifold

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2010-05-08 08:42:52
quad throttle sr20v, sr20ve intake manifold
im looking into making a quad throttle body intake manifold for my sr20v cylinder head

wat throttle body's come close to the same size as the sr20v ports??? which are still compact enuff due to clearance issues

i dont have much room to work with so the throttle bodys must be compact and i would like the butterfly's to be the in similar size to the ports

if any one has any pictures of quad throttle body sr20ve intake manifolds could u post it up ( throttle body butterfly's must be same size as ports )

here is a picture of my intake manifold ive made already to show u how much room i have to work with

( mostly limited to room due to brake booster which isnt fitted in this picture )
2010-05-08 09:33:01
Wast of time mate!!! stick witht he big single for your application.
2010-05-08 09:36:02
its not important to me its just some thing i want to try
2010-05-08 12:11:12
are you talking about itbs? if so those require a good ammount of tuning from expierence with friends in the honda scene, they can make power, however they will require some tuning, but to me it would be with it if your na
2010-05-08 13:18:17
yeah im talking about itbs

tuning isnt a problem

finding the throttle body which is the same size as the ports and is compact is tho

i know a single throttle body will work better with my setup but this is some thing i want to test out im pretty interested in seeing the results compared to my single throttle body plenum
2010-05-09 07:50:19
Is that a rwd ve intake manifold? I like it.
2010-05-09 08:29:44
yeah its for a rear wheel drive
2010-05-09 09:14:46
just mod the gtir one to use
2010-05-09 10:06:16
Whats the dimensions of the 20v port? or do you know the equivilant area?
Don't use GTir ones they are complete rubbish the runner shape is horrendous.
The closest (i.e biggest) I can think of is Black top 4age ones which are 45mm which may still be borderline size wise. They are however individually cast ITB's so can pretty easily be spaced to suit the sr. They do however not have a round exit down stream from the butterfly so it would either need to be port matched to the flange. Or with your tig skills you could probably tig it up and die grind it to circle or oval.
I don't know of any japanese cars that use bigger than 45mm ITBs
Other than that what about 4x ca or turbo sr tb's (54mm) with a bit of machineing on the body to make it smaller and mount them with the butterflys vertical and jigger up a throttle linkage (look to TWM throttles for ideas on linkages for vertical butterflys)
Would be cheap and relatively easy but might not look that great
2010-05-09 10:36:25
ive already thought about GTiR throttle body's and i wont be using them because they are alot smaller then the sr20v ports so they are out of the question

i just took a look at the 4age throttle body
they are 45mm but they arnt the same shape as the 20v ports which i didnt expect it to so ill just port match the runners from the throttle body

only problem is they arnt very compact
do u know of any motor bike throttle body's which i could use?
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