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Thread: n1 crank pulley info

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2010-03-13 20:53:45
n1 crank pulley info
I have compared my n1 sr16ve crank pulley to a sr20ve pulley.

The sr20ve pulley is lighter by about 150-200grams or so the sr20ve pulley is smaller on the ac/alt pulley by about 2mm in diameter (not an accurate measurement).
The offsets look the same.

I cant see a difference in the WP/PS crank pulley.

I assume they have dont this to stop the n1 overdriving the alternator at high rpm?

Im suprised the WP/PS was the same size. but i know the water pump pulley itself is different on the n1.

I cant see any problem with interchanging these pulleys other than the overspeeding the alt?

Why do you guys think they made the n1 pulley heavier? Its stuff all really when compared to like a gspec pulley or something.
2010-03-13 23:53:26
Probably heavier because it needs to dampen the crank at higher RPM than what a regular crank would spin to.

Just a matter of physics - the more effective mass the damper has, the more vibration and oscilation energy it can absorb.
2010-03-14 00:01:03
Whats intresting to me is a gtir pulley is very similar to a n1 pulley in weight. The gtir is obviously the 8 counterweight. The gtir has a larger pulley for ps/wp but looks the same as an n1 pulley on the ac/alt.

The n1 is drilled on the outer pulley to balance. The gtir is drilled on the inner to balance.

The normal sr16ve/20ve got the same pulley weather they are 4 or 8 counterweight.

Also the weight difference on the n1 is in the middle bit not the outer bit isolated by the rubber. The sr20ve has cutouts to lighten it.

So would a heavier flywheel dampen the crank and allow you to spin to higher revs? As to me this damper is no different to a slightly heavier flywheel.

Do you guys really think they added 200 or so grams to help balance out the harmonics in the crank. If so why would the 4 and 8 counter weight get the same damper?
2010-03-14 03:32:43
To me its simple.

The N1 was conceived to be tracked, raced and thrashed all day every day. When the majority of the time its going to be stuck in higher rpm the dampening will help.

SR20VE was limited to 7 odd thousand RPMM when behind the auto too.
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